Former President Barack Obama said “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time; We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change we seek.” At the incredible Digital4Good x #ICANHELP,  the youth are the heart and planning power of this non-profit that “actively develops online safety, digital wellness, digital citizenship and positivity programs to train students on how to be Digital First Responders.” Ashni Patel, their Intern Coordinator, shared some of her valuable time to talk about this special organization.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

Co-founder Kim Karr was a teacher of Middle Schoolers for thirteen years. In 2009, as more students had smartphones, Kim found she was often guiding these students about ways to stay safe online, along with what actions they could take if something were to happen to them online, so they could stop it and reach out for help. In 2013, Kim guided a student on how to take proper action against a fake online account made of a fellow teacher, and when it happened a second time the fake profile was quickly removed due to the actions of students because of the knowledge and guidance Kim had shared with them. Kim had been reaching out to tech companies for help about about helping young people with social media and decided more needed to be done to help students, faculty, parents and guardians in regards to the issue of online safety. Thus, Kim co-founded Digital4Good x #ICANHELP, which focuses on educating  and equipping  students and educators with the necessary resources and tools to become digital changemakers that will stand up for positivity and shut down negativity.

I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” Angela Davis

Digital 4Good x #ICANHELP is powered by a positive trifecta of good. Where each “arm supports the other, working together to grow and deepen the impact.”  Student Leadership includes the organization’s interns, volunteers, and mentors. Digital Citizenship Education includes curriculum, courses, and training for students and educators. Community Engagement consists of the organization’s focus on fostering a positive, empowered, and informed community through social media, events, and webinars. The Digital Citizenship Education focuses on educating students and schools on ways to ” see something, say something,” equipping them with the skills to stand up against online negativity and promote positivity. Safety and wellness are key concepts embedded in this award winning outcome-based program that instructs individuals on  how to leave a positive digital footprint while promoting mental health for students through improving their relationship with social media. Lessons are engaging and interactive while providing a toolkit of skills and actions students can take when online. This global non-profit values all those involved with its mission  and what each person contributes to the important work being done towards creating a safer and uplifting online environment for all to enjoy. Ashni shared how Kim will send handwritten notes of appreciation and thanks just because. All staff, interns, and volunteers bring a variety of unique and special skills. These student ideas and voices are embraced for bringing in innovation and positivity to help this organization do all it can to help and support students in navigating through the challenges of the digital world.

Young people willing to push super hard to make something happen are among the most powerful forces in the world.” Sam Altman 

Every yearDigital4Good x #ICANHELP hosts a summit filled with all sorts of awesomeness. At the summit ten innovative students are celebrated and given the spotlight to showcase their projects and achievements in using digital technology to create a positive impact within their communities by “solving problems and advancing social, economic, environmental, and educational causes.” are celebrated.  Winners become paired with mentors who provide them feedback and guidance to help them continue to grow their individual projects as difference makers in the various causes they continue to passionately fight for. This LiveStream event, taking place February 4th-5th 2024 in New York City, allows people all over the globe to come together to learn more about how to have a positive online presence while cheering on these inspiring, innovative changemakers.  Digital4Good x #ICANHELP has special partnership with the Aaron Judge All Rise Foundation whose mission is to” inspire youth to become responsible citizens – online and offline – through activities that encourage them to reach unlimited possibilities.” Each month, individuals who have been using their online presence and platforms to spread positivity are rewarded with a #ALLRISE2Help Award to encourage and inspire others towards digital citizenship. Playing on the same team of educating and empowering students to use social media in a positive way helps to educate and celebrate more young people making this powerful partnership a home run for all.

We’re shining a spotlight on student innovation and leadership to show the world just what kids + teens can do with the right tools, education, and encouragement.” Digital4Good x #ICANHELP

It is with great honor and joy we shine the Kindness Champion Spotlight on Digital4Good x #ICANHELP. Where young people are the heart and soul of promoting and educating digital positivity all around the world. We thank you for being you and bringing your awesome to the world.

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