kindness never wasted - postcard project

We believe every person matters by bringing a unique specialness to the world and we love a good postcard! Every week using the phonebook (it seems we are the only ones who request the phonebook) we send postcards to individuals and businesses to let them know they matter. If you want to help send or give out postcards or there is someone you want to receive a postcard let us know. We will happily take care of the rest! WAHOO for people and postcards. 🎉

The Postcard Project is all about spreading some “You Matter” with people.

Every week using the phone book we address and mail postcards to individuals and businesses to let them know we appreciate who they are and what they bring to the world.

Here and there we are so lucky to hear from them to say thanks for the postcard. Because we live in a world where the phone book is not used in our daily life there can be confusion about how we get names and addresses.

There have also been a few individuals who wanted some postcards of their own to give or mail out. So if you know of someone who could use a postcard pick me up let us know and we will happily send them one.

If you want to share the postcard positives with others we will gladly share some postcards with you to give out. As Scott Adams said “Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”

Postcard Reactions

Hi. My husband and I received a sweet postcard from Kindness Champions.How do I get some of these postcards to send to others. – Tania M
Received a postcard, checked out your site and know you sing in harmony with the music in my soul. How do I join with you and help advance your mission? – Carla H.

You really brightened my day with your wonderful card. Thank you, thank you! – Helga

I received a postcard from Kindness Champions and I want to thank whomever sent it. It puts a smile on my face and still does every time I look at it. – Alan T

Thank you for the postcard. – Molly D.

Banner photo by Ditto Bowo