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You are Important ❤️

Kindness to self is incredibly important. Think about all the things we put care into, yet we often do not put ourselves on that list. If you need gas in your car you put some in, need an oil change or tires rotated…done. Yet too often when it comes to our self kind, self care list we do little to nothing. This is not about being selfish as that is a totally different thing. It is also not about spending tons of time or money. There is a quote (unsure of the person who said it) “You can’t pour from an empty cup”.

How to Start 🤔

Let’s begin with keeping it simple. When you take all the hours in the week there are 168. Take 56 hours for school or work, 56 hours for sleeping (we all need our zzz’s),and leaves you 56 hours for the rest of your life. School, family, work are valuable time consuming realities in our day to day experiences. There is time for you and you need to take it. The better you are to yourself the better you will be to others. 💝

What Makes You Happy 😊

What makes us joyous and peaceful is an individual interest. Is it being outside, a cup of coffee, fitness, creativity, reading, yoga, bubble baths, fur babies? Everyday (yep there are moments you can take daily) take your self kind, self care moments of joy. Your body, spirit, and soul will thank you. Your relationships will be more fulfilled, as will your career or school, because you are more fulfilled. The reason an airline tells everyone to put on the oxygen mask if there is a problem is so you can help those around you, not struggle with them. 💜

Self-Compassion is good for your brain and body ❤️ 

It can help you cope with stress, be more joyous and positive in your day to day living. Research back up the positive impact of being kind to yourself. This article on self-kindness by the Washington Post tells more. 😊

Want a more manageable life? Have self-compassion become a daily part of it. ❤️

Yes being kind in how you treat and see yourself as a human is a powerful tool in how you life your life. This article about self-compassion by @VeryWellMind tells more. 😊

Need Some Laughter?

Laughter is good for the body, spirit, and soul. This article by in February 2020 gives the science to back up why laughter is great medicine. 😂

laughinh donkey


The COVID19 pandemic has created significant stress and struggle for everyone. It is more important than ever to practice self-care and kindness to self. This Psychology Today article shares some tips on how to do that. ❤️

covid kindness

Five acts of kindness a day = Six weeks of positive results

Research consistently comes to the same conclusion about kindness.  When you do an action of kindness there are positive effects for the person receiving the kindness and there are positives for your physical and mental health. You will be happier because of the happy chemicals your brain releases because you were kind to someone. It can be as simple as saying hello to a stranger.  There is research evidence that shows five acts of kindness in one day will have positive benefits for six weeks. Imagine if everyday you do five nice things for others how good that would be for you and for others. This Greater Good in Action article by Berkeley.Edu tells more.

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