John F. Kennedy said “one person can make a difference and everyone should try.” This spirit of change to help others is fully embraced by 15 year old  Lorenzo Liberti, the founder of Heroic Flags.

In late 2019 Lorenzo was at a soup kitchen with his church youth group when he struck up a conversation with a Veteran who was homeless. Lorenzo struggled with how someone who had served for the United States of America could be homeless. It seemed so wrong to him. The next day at school when he was saying the Pledge of Allegiance it really hit home to him about what sacrifices people in the military have made to serve and protect the United States of America.

This Veteran inspired Lorenzo to be the change and make a difference.

A few months later Lorenzo’s dad told him to get a hobby because Lorenzo was not going to hang around doing nothing. As Lorenzo pondered through this he thought about what to do. He had always enjoyed working with wood. He wanted something hands on. Before Lorenzo knew it he was making an American Flag. When Lorenzo finished he looked at this magnificent, hand carved in wood, American Flag. He had overwhelming joy in making a flag in honor of his heroes. As word got out people wanted to purchase this one of a kind flag so Lorenzo began selling the.  Lorenzo also saw this as a way to help Veterans so he decided to support the Yellow Ribbon program Turning Points in Bradenton, Florida, which provides supportive services for Veterans and their families. 

Lorenzo decided to keep making and selling flags so the story of the Veteran he spoke to that night would not be forgotten. So that he could help Veterans receive services they deserve and do not always have. 

“The fight isn’t over until you win.” Robin Hobb

So Lorenzo began making flags. There are different models and sizes of flag. The work time for the three foot flag is between 15 and 20 hours. Lorenzo hand carves the flags. His dad oversees the orders, his mom who is an essential worker at a hospital likes to help paint the flags as a stress relief, his sister helped until she left for college, and his brother helps as well. Lorenzo said he gets so in the zone when he is carving the flags he could work for hours. It’s like he has a fire inside of him to make flags to sell so he can help others.

Lorenzo chose the name “Heroic Flags” because he is doing this to help his heroes. Since COVID19 Lorenzo has added another goal. To get one Heroic Flag in one hospital in every state. To honor the work of the superhero essential workers who work with dedication and care to save lives. Lorenzo is making a list of the most impacted hospitals in each state. He wants to be thoughtful in which hospital he will donate a flag to. Lorenzo has a gofundme dedicated to raising enough money to accomplish this goal.

“Ignite your passion and find your calling.” Author Unknown

Lorenzo feels called to make these flags, to raise money that will help our hero Veterans. He goes to school, does school work, has dinner with his family, then goes to carve the flags. Lorenzo takes pride in creating a beautiful, one of a kind, American Flag. He talks about how our founding fathers embodied hard work and his admiration for people like Alexander Hamilton. Lorenzo cares deeply about what he is doing. He is inspired and inspires. After my conversation with him I felt inspired to do more and help more.

I asked Lorenzo what happened to the first flag he created. He told me he and his brother have the first two. Did he ever see that Veteran he spoke to at the soup kitchen, the man who changed Lorenzo’s life in so many ways? No. Lorenzo hopes that one day, somewhere he can meet that man again, so he can thank that man for all he did for our country and for Lorenzo. I hope that happens too.

Thank you Lorenzo Liberti for being you. For honoring our Military men and women for the sacrifices they make for our country. For showing appreciation for our essential workers. For being the light that helps others see all the good in our world!

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Instagram: heroic.flags

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