Landon Parham said “Life isn’t just about darkness and light. It’s about finding the light within the darkness.” During the dark times in the Spring of 2020 when COVID was shutting down everything Brian Schwartz’s world became pretty dark. He was laid off from his job in digital-advertising, his wife was eight months pregnant and his father was battling brain cancer. Brian did not want to put the stress of what he was going through on his wife or father and knew he needed, and wanted, to do something positive with his time. Summertime was here and despite everything going on in the world the grass would still grow and lawns would need to be cut. Brian knew there were some people physically or financially unable to mow their lawns and found the light in this dark time by offering to cut lawns for people who needed help. This is how the incredible non-profit I Want To Mow Your Lawn began. I had the honor to interview Brian Schwartz, the founder of I Want To Mow Your Lawn.

You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.” Unknown

After Brian was laid off during the pandemic he began mowing lawns for people who needed help with their lawns. It kept his mind busy to volunteer his time in helping others. Being outside mowing gave him mental and physical relief from the stress he was experiencing. It felt good to help others. Brian created a website that could provide a place where people looking for help in having someone mow their lawn and people wanting to help by mowing another person’s lawn could connect. He was surprised at the support of so many. People all over the USA were wanting to volunteer to mow another person’s lawn. Ripples of positivity were spreading from mowed lawn to mowed lawn along with neighbors appreciating the sight of someone’s neatly cut and trimmed lawn. Volunteer mowers felt good about the help they could give. Recipient’s felt good about having a freshly mowed lawn. 

A helping hand can be a ray of sunshine in a cloudy world.” Unknown

I Want To Mow Your Lawn is an official non-profit. Since its beginning over 300 volunteers have mowed and trimmed the lawn of someone asking for help in over 41 states. This non-profit focuses on elderly, veterans, disabled, and others in need. There is encouragement of using battery-powered lawn equipment to contribute towards a cleaner earth. Anyone using battery powered lawn equipment receives an eco-friendly badge on their volunteer profile. Volunteers go through a soft background screening before being placed on the available volunteer list. People requesting to have their lawn mowed can call or sign up on the website. Brian shared they currently get up to 15 phone calls a day. All of the I Want To Mow Your Lawn donations received go back into this non-profit to support keep it running smoothly. Brian shared partnerships with schools, businesses, organizations and other non-profits are developing as the I Want To Mow Your Lawn “MOWmentum” grows. Expectations are clearly defined in how frequently a volunteer can mow a recipient’s lawn. When a volunteer from I Want To Mow Your Lawn comes, they mow, and they go.

We rise by lifting others.” Unknown

Brian shared that I Want To Mow Your Lawn comes from his heart. He wants to help people and as he is helping people he wants to help the planet. His father was able to see this non-profit bloom before he died. I Want To Mow Your Lawn is much more than mowing the lawn. It is providing human connection for each volunteer and recipient while supporting communities and uplifting spirits.  Brian’s actions are inspiring others to give back and help out in any way they can, whether it’s by mowing a lawn or some other act of kindness. This father is showing his two year old son the difference you can make in helping others and making his father proud by spreading kindness with a community of helpers one freshly cut lawn at a time.

With honor and admiration we shine the Kindness Champion Spotlight on the remarkable non-profit I Want To Mow Your Lawn.  We thank you for being you and bringing your awesome to the world.

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