“If you do what you love you will never work a day in your life” is the perfect quote to describe Trinity Jagdeo founder and CEO of We Can’t 2 We Can. This energetic, passionate, thoughtful 19 year old is determined to make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities and in the perspective of non disabled people. She wants everyone to see “the able and not the label”.

Trinity’s journey began when her bestest friend Alexus Dick was in the hospital in 2015 due to Alexus’s spinal muscular atrophy type 2. “Spinal muscular atrophy type 2 (SMA2) is a genetic neuromuscular disorder that affects the nerve cells that control voluntary muscles (motor neurons).” NIH. Trinity recognized there were no books or role models available for kids, including her friend Alexus. Because Trinity is a go-getter she sprung into action. She began with Disney to see if they would create characters, including princesses, who had a disability. When Disney did not respond Trinity did what any change agent of the world does. She created her own characters and wrote her own books. 

Trinity did research and consulted with her mom about her next action steps.  Realizing there artistic tablets where she could create her drawings and she could write her own books to self-publish with Amazon’s publishing tools she worked for four months writing and drawing her first book “Alice the Ace” which is all about a girl with Down Syndrome who uses her superhero powers to help someone in need.

The books are written and illustrated in a purposeful manner. Trinity uses local kids with special needs to create stories that are specific to what each child likes along with having superhero powers that are realistic so that children reading the book can relate to the character. For Trinity God is the center of all she does so she adds in a unique Bible verse or slogan.

In the midst of book writing, illustrating Trinity had a moment of clarity. She wanted to create a non profit that would provide funding and other services to children with Special Needs. Pondering the potential and possibility of what the name would be and what the mission would be came together. We Can’t 2 We Can has the message in the name. To help  society recognize that individuals with disabilities have many abilities. 

So this motivated, thorough 19 year old researched the actions she needed to take to become a non-profit. She filed the paperwork, obtained a Board of Directors and off she went. One of the many ways We Can’t 2 We Can supports children with special needs is they purchase equipment and other items needed. They have met the needs of EVERY family that has come to them for help and actively seek out people who might need help yet are embarrassed to ask for it. 

“There is only one way to look at things until someone shows us how with different eyes” Pablo Picasso 

Trinity is focused on informing and transforming how the world sees people with special needs. This book writing, illustrating, video editing, fund raising, motivation speaking young lady who just graduated from the Cumberland Christian School works at the non-profit full time. There have been times Trinity has experienced some bias because of her age. Her response to these moments was to respectfully share her thorough knowledge of the process. Trinity is informed and perfectionistic in a good way. She works at obtaining the knowledge and expertise to accomplish her goals of helping people with special needs.

We Can’t 2 We Can is focused on doing as much as possible to give back. So far they have donated $5000 dollars to help others which is impressive for a two year young non-profit. With Trinity at the lead nothing is seen as an obstacle. When challenges arise Trinity problem solves to see how to overcome the hurdle being faced. Knowledge is power and Trinity is willing to seek out information, support, and guidance when the need arises. When the COVID19 hit Trinity used the pandemic to help and not hinder the activities the group was sponsoring to raise money and awareness for special needs people.

Trinity took a leap of faith, because she is where she wants to be, by quitting her part-time job to commit and dedicate herself to the non-profit. Since COVID19 hit Trinity also added an  “At Home” series where she interviews guests with disabilities. At the end of each interview she asks the guests what “advice they would give the world”.  In watching a few of the series I was inspired by the positivity and motivation that each individual offered. 

The time Trinity spends on doing the work of the non-profit does not feel like work to her. Her down time includes family dinners, sleep, and an occasional swim in the pool. Trinity would not have it any other way. When I asked Trinity about the pearls of wisdom and thoughts she would share with others her response was “passion fuels why you do what you do” so have some passion in whatever you are doing. 

What’s next for Trinity and We Can’t 2 We Can? The non-profit will become a national organization and Trinity will be an international speaker helping special needs children and families meet their needs along with changing perspectives so the world sees what the person’s ability NOT the disability.

I speak from personal experience that interviewing Trinity on behalf of Kindness Champions was a positive, energizing experience. Kindness Champions is honored to Spotlight Trinity Jagdeo founder and CEO of We Can’t 2 We Can. When Mohandas Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world” he must have been talking about Trinity Jagdeo! She is turning extraordinary kids into extraordinary superheroes! 

For more information on We Can 2 We Can’t here is their contact information:

Web Site: https://wecant2wecan.org/

Facebook: @FromWeCant2WeCan

Twitter: @WeCant2WeCan

Instagram: wecant2wecan

LinkedIn: From We Can’t to We Can