Since my high school years I have learned being active and having fitness/exercise as part of my living makes me a healthier and happier me. From badminton on our lawn as a kid, playing some tennis, running and going to fitness classes this kind of activity will be part of day.  When I was going to the gym pre covid most of the classes I participated in involved aerobics, weights, and sometimes a bike class. No matter how much I tried to talk myself out of any fitness because I was NOT in the mood I knew I needed to do it for my head and my heart. After, I always felt better, and had a little more pep in my step.

If you think you have peaked find a new mountain.” Unknown

Since Covid I began to use youtube for fitness classes. While I know at some point I will return to the gym, for right now this works really well. One of my favorite fitness instructor is Yvette Bachman. She is the real deal and whatever type of class she is leading there is a lot of  fitness sweating push yourself going on. In most of Yvette’s classes she uses 15 lbs or higher. I use two or three pound weights. Doing something whether it’s 25 lbs or 3 lbs or no weights is great. Taking part in an activity that is good for your health is what matters.  Ruthless People is a movie from 1986 where Bette Midler is kidnapped and uses cans of soup to get stronger and fit. For me I knew I could do more with my weights, and wanted to do more. My inner voice of “get heavier weights” began to haunt me, bug me, and nudge me.

If you don’t challenge yourself you will never realize what you can become.” Unknown

One day I decided today is the day. I am going to buy heavier weights. The 8 lb weights seemed just right.  A stretch from my current weights yet not too heavy for me at this point in time. The next time I went to do a Yvette Bachman youtube fitness workout I was ready with my new weights. Could I do all the reps for all the exercises. Nope. I could do some, more than I had expected. It felt really good that I was trying. Challenging myself felt so much better than having the “do this” thoughts circle around and around in my brain.

Most amazing person if there is a challenge in your life that has been bugging you to take action on do it. Take a step towards giving it a go. If there are ongoing thoughts about something circling your brain help to release them by doing something. You’ve got this. I say from personal experience taking an action to challenge myself has always felt better, allowing me to stretch and grow as a person, that doing nothing.

May your 8 lb weights (or whatever your challenge is) be with you💜