Jane Goodall said “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” Avi Agarwal, of Peoria Arizona, knew in May of 2020 he needed to make a difference to help others and created Avi’s Sweet Treats, a non-profit helping others one delicious cupcake at a time. I had the pleasure and honor to talk with Avi, founder and CEO of Avi’s Sweet Treats. 

Act as if you do make a difference because it does.” William James

Avi, who is 16 years old, has always been a person to help others be it a friend, a club at school, and other organizations in need. He LOVES baking. Baking is not part of traditional Indian food. When Avi was a child he really wanted to learn how to bake. His supportive parents bought him the equipment and ingredients needed for baking. This self-taught baker improved his skills by making delicious sweet treats for the family while satisfying his own sweet tooth. When the pandemic hit Avi recognized in his position of privilege he would always have food. He watched the news seeing the long line of cars at food banks and how others struggled with food insecurity or no food at all. Avi had to do something. With complete support from his parents and older brother Avi’s Sweet Treats began.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Avi’s Sweet Treats is an official 501c3 non-profit. Avi shared that he did this because he wanted full transparency and accountability with all things connected to his non-profit. As Avi was contemplating what to do he wanted to do something he loved and helped others. This thoughtful young man decided on cupcakes because they are easy to eat, easy to make, and easy to transport. In choosing the flavor of cupcakes Avi, a certified food handler registered with the Arizona Cottage Food Program, even included a keto-friendly Power cupcake for those looking for healthier options. He created edible cupcake liners because traditional cupcake liners cannot be recycled and wanted an Earth friendly cupcake liner. Donations from the sale of the cupcakes went to St. Mary’s Food Bank in Arizona. Avi, well being Avi, wanted to help more people. He donated cupcakes to frontline workers, firefighters, and the Foundation for Blind Children in Arizona. Avi’s Sweet Treats has also donated money to local teacher funds and Veterans with disabilities.

Change in all things is sweet.” Aristotle 

Every Sunday Avi bakes cupcakes for the orders for the upcoming week and his mom decorates them. It makes him happy to bake, especially knowing that the cupcakes will spread happiness and help others. His brother in college helps with social media and taste testing of the cupcakes. His father helps in any way he can. Avi has improved the cupcake baking process so now it takes less time. As Avi’s Sweet Treats was becoming a non-profit larger organizations helped in sharing knowledge and resources. Beginning this process was bumpy at times, yet everything became smoother as time went on. Avi’s personal research combined with the kindness and support of others helped to build a solid foundation for Avi’s Sweet Treats.  Other initiatives of Avi’s Sweet Treats include the “One Bite Challenge.” This challenge is to see if you can eat one cupcake with one bite because many people only have a cupcake size quantity of food to eat every day.  This visual struck me hard. In a world with so much food that everyone should have access to, many go without. Avi’s Sweet Treats donates all money raised from this challenge to St. Mary’s Food Bank. They cheer on “One Bite Challenges” in other locations to support raising awareness and money to fight food insecurity. 

Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.” Mother Teresa 

Since this began in 2020 the money from the sale of cupcakes at Avi’s Sweet Treats has fed 25,000 people.  Yes, 25,000 people. Avi continues to explore and identify where Avi’s Sweet Treats can help others. Personally Avi has experienced gratification from spreading happiness and helping others. He found that focusing on others brought him joy.  When Ann Byne said “When you look at a cupcake you have to smile” she had it spot on. Avi and Avi’s Sweet Treats bring smiles, food, joy, and hope to a world where it is  desperately needed. We thank you Avi’s Sweet Treats for being you and bringing your awesome to the world.

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