Albert Einstein said “Art is standing with one hand extended into the Universe and one hand extended into the world and letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy.” Gabrielle Peck, founder of Free Art Collective is a conduit for passing positive energy by using art, mixed with a lot of love, to help make this world a kinder, more compassionate and beautiful place. I had the honor to meet with Gabrielle to learn about all things Free Art Collective.

There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” Vincent Van Gogh

Gabrielle has been immersed in art in some way, shape or form throughout her whole life. She has been an entrepreneur since the age of eight, when she first began to sell her artwork. She then grew up to pursue her love of art by earning an Art History Degree from Boston University. Gabrielle knows that art has the power, and influence, to impact people emotionally.  Gabrielle has been figuring out ways to get free art to people while supporting the artists themselves. In March of 2020 while she was living in Rochester, New York she went to Ithaca to host the first Free Art Collective pop-up. From there the Free Art Collective was born. 

Art belongs to the community.” Gabrielle Peck

Free Art Collective is a grassroots arts organization that distributes free artwork all over the world and art supplies throughout the United States. The fiscal sponsor of her budding non-profit, is the Small Matters Institute, who funds her Free Print Program. When artists share pieces of art with the “Free Print Program,” Gabrielle prints, mats, and hand labels the backs of each piece with the artist’s information. Gabrielle honors the amazing art pieces in her collection and wants to highlight each artist. Hand labeling each piece is a “meditation of love” Gabrielle has for all of the artists she works with. This art is then given away in a multitude of ways. She will mail art to people for free and some businesses display artwork that people can take. She gave me an envelope filled with beautiful artwork to share with others.  It has been a joyous experience giving art to people. Watching them ooh and aah over the art pieces while choosing a work of art they fall in love to keep is a wonderful experience.

We will make love an art and we will love like artists.” Marianne Williamson

To date, Gabrielle has distributed 5,000 free prints around the world. She prints, mattes, and hand-labeling all artists’ information on the back of these prints. In her hometown of Rochester, New York Gabrielle has begun to host “Free Art Nites” where she supplies all materials and you art away including a weekly Free Art Night at Nox in Village Gate from 6-9pm where all ages are welcome. If you cannot make an Art Nite, Gabrielle will give you some art supplies for free. All you have to do is email her to be added to the waiting list. These “Art Supply First-Aid Kits” are packaged with love, and given away to students in the city, local non-profits, and anyone that could use some art therapy. Gabrielle shared how the art community, art enthusiasts, and other kind souls have been supportive of the Collective. People are donating to the Collective with extra art supplies or craft supplies in their quest to help Free Art. There is also a free coloring book you can download from the Free Art Collective website, titled “Art Therapy is the Best Therapy.”

Dedicated to serving and strengthening community through the healing power of art, kindness, and creativity.” Gabrielle Peck

Gabrielle and the Free Art Collective is just getting started. So far over 80 talented artists are sharing their art with the Free Art Collective because they want to contribute their creativity to see their communities thrive. The numbers of individuals, businesses, and organizations contacting Free Art Collective continues to grow. Gabrielle envisions Free Little Art Galleries placed in locations around communities all over the world,  where people can take art for free. She believes art needs to be accessible for all and is working to make that happen. As people begin to financially support Free Art Collective, her plan is to use money to compensate artists and to help feed people who are houseless and food insecure. Gabrielle dreams of creating a Free Art Collective Food Truck that drives around Rochester delivering free, fresh, food made-to-order along with free art supplies. Gabrielle believes art is alchemy, a form of magic, that she wants to use to manifest homes for the homeless and food for the hungry.  There is intention, thoughtfulness, and joy in every action Gabrielle takes to have art accessible to all and help the community in many other ways.

Love is an art that comes from the heart.” Unknown

It is with honor and admiration we shine the Kindness Champion Spotlight on the Free Art Collective in Rochester, New York. This mighty Collective is fulfilling their mission of “serving and strengthening communities of our members through the healing power of art, kindness, and creativity” one art piece at a time. We thank you for being you and bringing your awesome to the world.

For more information on the amazing Free Art Collective or if you have art supplies you’d like to donate or would like to make a monetary donation here is their information:


Facebook: @freeart.collective

Instagram: @freeart.collective