A wise (unknown) person said “There are bits and pieces of yourself scattered in every book you read.” The remarkable Dr. Hindi Krinsky, who died in 2018 at the young age of 32, knew that. Hindi was a champion of reading, giving children the skills to read and books to read from. After she suddenly died to honor her memory, family and friends built three free-standing libraries in her children’s school and asked for gently used books to fill the libraries. After receiving almost 500 books Leslie Gang and Hindi’s husband, David Kanarfogel, co-founded Hindi’s Libraries to give the love of reading to children all over the world. I had the honor to interview Leslie about this special book giving non-profit.

Every hero has a story.” Hindi’s Libraries

This project from the heart has involved collaboration with people from all over the world. Hindi’s Libraries provides hands on community activism, team building and development for all they partner with on book drives and giveaways. Research from USA Reads.orgs  states “Academically, children growing up in homes without books are on average three years behind children in homes with lots of books, even when controlled for other key factors such as income and parents’ education.  (M.D.R. Evans et al, “Family scholarly culture and educational success:  Books and schooling in 27 nations”,Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, June 2010).” All over the world children live in book deserts where for a variety of reasons they do not have access to printed books and other written material. (Wikipedia) Hindi’s Libraries are changing lives with a large-scale team effort by getting free, gently used books to children. They are changing lives one book at a time. 

Books serve as memories.” Leslie Gang

At Hindi’s Libraries donated books from individuals, groups, authors, and book drives are sorted and labeled. Inside each book is a dedication sticker with a photo of Hindi, a quote, and information about Hindi’s Libraries. Every week different community members volunteer to get the books ready to be shipped out to children. When people outside of the area request free books Hindi’s Libraries will guide them through the process of organizing a book drive in their area along with where to give the books. They have partnered with over 750 groups and nonprofits and have given away over 400,000 books to children.

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of successful women who had her back.” Unknown

Females and Fiction” was one of Leslie’s “I have an idea” go for it moments. Hindi was a strong, fierce, supportive female who put energy into rooting for all ages and all genders. As a female leader she was tremendously empowering . Females and Fiction shines the light on female authors who are leading the way for others. Yearly there is a Literary Award for female empowering authors. To be considered for the award a book the female author has written, along with a submission fee are required. The fee is used to ship a box of books and the book will be given away too. Hindi’s Libraries invite’s super cool people to judge the books. Awards are given to the winner and finalists. Hindi’s Libraries  give authors free opportunities to showcase their work while being able to share the books the author’s write all over the world. As Leslie said “We are here for each other and to work together.

We’re not here for much time. We have to live to our maximum capacity, to give, to understand, to make a real difference.” – Dr. Hindi Krinsky

In a very short time Hindi’s Libraries has exceeded the expectations in all the best of ways of co-founders Hindi’s husband, Dovid Kanarfogel, and Leslie, of getting free books to children. A community of book loving champions are now helping to give the gift of books and reading to children all around the world. Making a real difference in the life of a child by giving them a book to read, to cherish, and to read and read again. Recently Disney Books has donated 7,000 books to Hindi’s Libraries because Leslie used the power of the”ask.”

It is with honor and admiration we shine the Kindness Champion Spotlight on Hindi’s Libraries. Where the legacy of the remarkable Dr. Hindi Krinsky lives on in the books given to children all around the world. We thank you for bringing your awesome to the world.

For information on this incredible Hindi’s Libraries here is their information:

Website: https://www.hindislibraries.org/

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