“When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a soul.” A.D. Williams

Have you ever had an experience that moved you? One that touched your spirit and soul so deeply it was hard to talk about without having the feels. To have strong feelings because of something that occurred, yet have difficulty describing why what happened affected you the way it did? That happened to me when I went to visit the beautiful special needs animals that Sue Roger cares for with love and dedication at The Mia Foundation.

On August 21, 2020 The Kindness Champion Spotlight featured The Mia Foundation. The Mia Foundation is a non-profit that takes in and rescues animals born with birth defects. Sue Rogers is the human who cares for, heals, and protects these special animals. The Mia Foundation is also supported by a loyal group of volunteers throughout the United States. During the interview Sue described how these special animals have a strong impact on people, sharing many examples. This Foundation began when Sue experienced how Mia, her special need Chihuahua was the first animal she had that helped to give comfort, reassurance, and in a few cases gave some people a reason to live.

Sue does not live too far from me. One weekend in August she graciously let myself and my daughters come and visit. Even as I write this such strong feelings of love wash over me from my experience (my daughters would echo this). Pure, sweet, love.

“Those who teach us about humanity are not always human.” Author Unknown

All of the animals in Sue’s care have a special need. There was a group of happy, loving dogs upstairs who despite their challenges in life were so happy to see us, some pushing each other out of the way to be first in line to get pets and belly rubs. There were a few animals that were not feeling well, yet that did not hinder them to try to get some time with these three redheads who had come to visit. We saw Herman the pigeon content and happy in this house filled with creatures unlike him.

Downstairs was another group of animals. My daughters were so excited to each carry one of Sue’s precious creatures downstairs. We were able to pet Aerie the goat, watch McFly do some tricks, try to get sympathy attention and spend time with the other furry ones. One of my personal favorites was a Chihuahua who is blind, yet as I was petting her she used her tongue to touch me. MacKenzie was loving her attention while keeping a watchful eye on everyone. Lundy was a little under the weather yet perked up as we visited. We said hello to Annie to bird as we walked along. 

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.” George Eliot

Sue as their alpha human is a warrior in her love and dedication to these creatures. Sue is also real about the needs and will not let any animal suffer. Her love does not hinder what is truly in the best interests of each animal.

As I reflect on why this experience moved me is while each animal has a special need, a health issue impacting them, each animal radiated love. Even Sassy who got a little, well Sassy, was wagging her tail as I scratched her neck. There was this bond between the dogs, pigeon, bird, and goat who all came from different places, are different species, have different needs, yet are united and look out for one another as family. Each one of them shared their individual gifts and strengths so willingly with love and joy with us humans.

Sue has experienced heartache lately in the deaths of Lundy, Aerie, and Annie. From getting to know Sue, and experiencing how these animals lived, I know they lived their best life possible. Lundy, Aerie, and Annie were treated with compassion, dignity, respect, and love. In return they showered the rest of us with love, kindness, silliness, and joy.

Right now in the world there is chaos, strife, and challenge. Right now in the world there is love, joy, and hope. Just watch The Mia Foundation animals. They are love. They are joy. They are hope. Thank you Sue Rogers for sharing with all of us these beautiful creatures. Kindness Champions is honored to spotlight our experience in visiting The Mia Foundation.

For further information on The Mia Foundation:

Website: http://www.themiafoundation.com/

Twitter: The Mia Foundation @MiaChihuahua

Facebook: @LoveForMiaCleftPalateChihuahuaHome

Instagram: themiafoundation

Photo courtesy of The Mia Foundation