Mahalo Amazing Humans,

I hope this day finds you hunky dory😊

A few years ago my bottom teeth started to get really crooked. I was lucky as a kid that I did not need braces. I decided I was NOT going to let my teeth continue to stray and set up an appointment with an orthodontist to get braces. I was going to be a cool adult with braces!

I choose the invisalign. My orthodontist said it would take about a year and set me up. Doing this is expensive and once you are an adult insurance does not pay for it yet I work hard and was grateful I could do this (with an easy payment plan).

My lower teeth quickly got with the program and straightened up nicely. It did crack me up that people would say I did not notice your crooked bottom teeth and I would say it it’s because I have braces😜.

It was my upper teeth that took the longest to straighten up and they were not even the ones I went to get fixed. Sometimes the things we need some help with are not the things we notice!

My one year journey with braces turned into FOUR! Because I was living my life very much in my day to day moment I did not notice how much time has elapsed until I was all done.

Time is always a constant and does not change. We do control how we look at our time and what we do with it! Yes there are LOTS of things and people we need to tend to! Yes we can still make some time for us too!

I am including an incredible TED talk about how we ALL have time to do things that matter to us and help keep us happy and healthy. It is well worth the 12 minutes to watch.

So me and my stellar smile says take care of you😁 You are important and you matter in this world❤️