Mahalo Remarkable Peeps,

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Ok there is a problem in lawn land😬 Recently patches of crabgrass have been cropping up all over the place. My favorite definition of crabgrass is by Scotts and it defines crabgrass as “an opportunistic annual weed that will grow in the thin and bare spots in your lawn”.

I am not feeling the crabgrass! When we moved into our new home years ago the lawn and gardens where in rough shape. Lots of TLC has been going on help build up and improve the lawn. Years ago when I would mow (and I do love mowing) clouds of dust would dance down the street because of too much dirt and too little grass. Even though progress has been made and parts of the lawn are lush and glorious, there are still bare spots. Change takes time. Patience and persistence is see how your hard work has paid off!

In doing research on crabgrass I found out that it is always there ready to grow and can only do so when your lawn is NOT healthy and is somewhat neglected. It is bad for your lawn and will outcompete grass for nutrients. The best way to not get any crabgrass is to have a healthy lawn. The crafty crabgrass lies in wait to see if your lawn is having some rough patches😂The good news is that crabgrass only lives for one season and by strengthening your lawn and keeping it healthy it keeps the crabgrass at bay!

Crabgrass applies to us humans too! Think about the positive, healthy lifestyle choices you make. Unhealthy habits can quickly take over if you are not taking care of yourself or if you have an extended period of time when your self care bites the dust. Those opportunistic weeds are always there waiting  for neglected, bare spots in your self care. When we are stressed, depressed, anxious we can get lulled into making choices that have a negative impact on us and then yuck…crabgrass sprouts up and moves in. You know if you begin to have crabgrass moments in your life it signals you are stressed. That it is time to ramp up the healthy self care to get rid of it.

Amazing, incredible people be diligent in your self care. Place taking care of your physical, mental, and spiritual self as a priority. Quiet time, physical activity, healthy food choices, how you manage your feelings and your relationships can nurture and strengthen you or it create unhealthy bare spots. Better to yourself means better to everything around you❤️ A stronger, happier person keeps the crabgrass at bay and helps to improve all quality of life for you and everyone around you😍

Guy Winch has a fantastic TED talk about why we All need to practice emotional first aid.  It is seventeen minutes and well worth YOUR time😊

Thanks for all you do and thanks for being you💜