Mahalo Inspiring Peeps,

Before I began writing this today (and I do have a goal of writing this before I post on Tuesdays😜) I was watching this cool Goalcast with Seth Godin about how our fear factor while biologically developed from our cave man and woman days can INFLUENCE our brains in regards to taking risks, listening to our inner guts/intuition, and following our joys and passions. This means it does NOT have to stop us!

This spoke very true to me as up to last year my fear factor was holding me back in many areas of my life. Last year I fired my fear factor. It tries to bubble up at times and I stomp on it👠💪 I have decided I am not going to let ME STOP ME! Last week I was receiving my year end evaluation. My supervisor commented extensively about how I had changed (for the positive) and had become a leader, initiator, and brought good energy and positiveness to the entire building. I even received a thank you card from a staff member thanking me for being a positive energy and how I was a “how can I help you problem-solver” in an environment where that is not always the case. The phrase often used where I work the past year has been “this girl is on fire”😁

These moments were truly special to me. How I felt in the inside was being reflected in my work. Since I had fired my fear the last year I have felt so free, confident, and peaceful❤️ It is totally amazing and I feel lighter, happier, more joyous😊 I did and do have to work at it! My work and efforts are so worth it…woohoo⭐️

So most incredible people your inner intuitions and guts are speaking loud and clear to you. As much as you can try to ignore them (and I was a very good ignoring procrastinator) they will keep speaking up. Take some leaps of trust, faith (any size). Our intuitions only want what is good for us! Move towards being fearless! You will be ok! You are so worthy of all of your dreams and desires👍💜

Enjoy this glorious day! I am including the Goalcast by Seth Godin for your watching pleasure😊