Mahalo Everyone,

While I try to not be surprised by people, they still at times surprise me! Today my hot water heater was done with it’s job. I was very fortunate that my plumber was able to come at a time that worked for me and will be able to replace it this week. My hot water heater had done a great job for many years supplying lots of hot water. I do not have any complaints!

When I returned to work and spoke with friends and co-workers during the day people had A LOT of opinions like…shouldn’t it last longer (16 years to me is pretty good), that seems like too much money (they are expensive and I have a thorough responsive plumber I trust who does a great job), and on and on. Only a few people shared in my gratitude for so much good in the day and with replacing my hot water heater!

It is so easy to look at the yuck (do I want to spend a chunk of change on this…no) yet when I looked at the good and spoke up to the people who saw the negative. I refused to let them bring me down! I was having an attitude of gratitude no matter what anyone else said!

Incredible humans – in stressful, challenging, sucky things if you can see the good and keep it near and dear to your heart… you will feel better! And if you are up for it you can push back on others negativity! List in your head and heart things you are grateful for and it will help your mood improve. Science has even showed how we deal with stress can have a huge impact on our health❤️

Thank you so much for being you and bringing your amazing to this world💜 You are important and matter very much⭐️

Mahalo means gratitude and thanks😊

I have added a link to an awesome, helpful TED talk about stress🎉