Mahalo Fabulous People,

Recently I read an article about two boys, brothers, fourteen and eight years old who live in Africa.   They had lost clothing and shoes in a fire a few weeks ago. The family lives in a house with no running water, no electricity, and does not have much money. The boys neighbor asked them to take her sick dog to the vets. The boys said yes because they “love the dog”.

Even more remarkable about this story is the one boy was going to use his savings and the money the neighbor gave him for food to buy shoes for his brother. These boys were willing, without hesitation, with no shoes, to walk a long distance over rough terrain, carrying the dog, to help their neighbor and the beloved dog.  They were also going  use their own LIMITED money to help pay for the vets⭐️

If you look from the outside at their life, as they live in a small farmhouse with no running water, no electricity, share a bed, little money, limited food, have lost their clothes and shoes, you might think their life is not so good. Do I believe their life is hard and challenging, absolutely. I also believe that in so many important, valuable, incredible ways, these boys have it all❤️

Do these boys and their parents have challenges, YES! I imagine the family works really, really, really hard for what they have.  They cannot turn on a faucet for water, flick a switch for lights, along with struggling for food, clothing, shoes, education, and health care. Items many of us probably take for granted. When the candle they were using for  light that tipped over and burnt their items there was no easy access to water or a fire department to put the fire out. There is no way to call the remarkable Red Cross for help.

Despite all of the challenges, hardships, hurdles in the life of these young boys they were  willing, unselfishly, without hesitation, barefoot, going through rough terrain, to walk miles carrying someone else’s dog to get help because they LOVE the dog and want to help😊 The decision for them was that easy and that simple.

Having it all is a different definition for each and every one of us. Is your having it all about what values you hold, your creature comforts, or the loved ones in your life? Do you have relationships where if asked you would use your energy, time and money to help without hesitation? Are there people in your life that would do that for you?

When I was in college I struggled with my own values clarification and sense of self.  I felt stuck and confused. A professor had me correspond with a person who was in prison for murder. I still have the letters. Corresponding with him, asking lots of questions about values and what they mean was hard. I was trying to figure myself out (which I am still working on), what my values are, and what do I want to stand for. This experience was powerful, painful, and a growing moment for the person I wanted to be.

Who do you want to be? Are you acting and behaving in a way that shows the intention and values you hold near and dear to your heart? Are there situations or people in your life where your fear, anxiety holds you back from saying what you want to say? Do you feel emotionally filled up inside with love, confidence, happiness and joy?

Our brains develop pathways in accordance with our thinking thoughts, emotions and life experiences.  Think about the soles of the shoes you wear, how they tend to wear out more in some places, and seem almost like brand new in other spots. This is what happens to our brains over time with our thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

The great news is there are actions we can take to change our brain wear patterns! If you want to change parts of yourself it is possible⭐️ Thoughts that are critical and negative can be changed by replacing them with lots and lots and lots and lots of positive, strength based thoughts/actions done in a repetitious way. It might require medical support.  If you wanted to change the sole wear pattern on the bottom of your shoes you could do that. Your actions would include walking in a different way. You would need to concentrate and focus consistently.  It would feel awkward and weird. If you keep working on it the awkward, weird feeling would become replaced by a new spring in your step🎉 The hard work would pay off with positive change.

Every moment of every day presents us with glorious, rich, sometimes challenging opportunities to be the best version of ourselves😊 To be happy and content with who we are that other things, while important, don’t matter as quite as much.

These two little boys get that the important things in life are a happy self and helping others. Do you?

I am including the article about these boys. Their kindness and resiliency inspires and motivates me. I am also including a TED talk by Sarah Kay because it rocks🎉

Take most incredible care of your awesomeness😊 You are the only you that ever was and we need you❤️ Everyday do the best you can do with who you are and what you have💜