Hi Everyone😊 We ran this post in February yet wanted to do a check in on y’all. At the end of the post we put some helpful resources. Please take care of your amazing self❤️

In our amazing world people are dealing with some pretty significant crises personally and/or globally which are sad, scary, upsetting, and unsettling to say the least. We want to check in with you. So with everything going, on how are you doing?

Just checking in to see how you are doing.

When difficult world events happen our emotions and feelings react. We can be sad, angry, scared, outraged, fearful and depressed. Our eating and sleeping habits can change. We can feel frozen by what is happening, not leave the couch and binge watch the news. There is a lot of information to handle and process.

Sending you positive vibes.

To support yourself as you work through all of your feels there are helpful actions you can take, which applies to you and all the other people in your life. Focus on what you can control in your life. An article in Psych Central says “Give yourself the space and permission to feel whatever emotions arise. Name your feelings. Acknowledge them, without judging yourself, without beating yourself up, without saying, “I shouldn’t be feeling this way.” Yes feel all of your feelings. Honor them. Keeping with routines, keeping hydrated, getting some nourishment, do your personal hygiene, keeping with typical sleeping habits and getting some movement are some basic ways to care for yourself.

You are your home. Take care of yourself.” Unknown

Look at what you can control in your life and take actions to support that. Reach out to other people to see how they are doing and do kindnesses for others. Pay attention to how you breathe and do some deep in your belly breathing. The same article from Psych Central says “When you can’t control a situation, you feel overwhelmed, powerless, helpless and hopeless. It’s demoralizing to think there’s nothing you can do. Or maybe we know there are many things we can do, but we don’t have the energy. When this happens, when you feel this way, move slowly. Honor yourself. Take one small, tiny step. Take a breath. Text a loved one. Write a few words about what you need. Take your time. In other words, be kind and gentle with yourself.”

You are loved. Massively, ferociously, unconditionally. The Universe if totally freaking out about how awesome you are.Jen Sincero

Remarkable person be good and kind to yourself. Be good and kind to others. We are including information to the National Suicide Hotline and the National Crisis Hotline. If you need something, say something. Reach out for support. If you want a postcard project pick me up postcard or know someone who does let us know and we will happily send one. We are attaching a link to an article by HelpGuide.org titled “Surviving Tough Times by Building Resilience.” Thank you for being you and bringing your awesome to the world. We Love You❣️


Call 1-800-273-8255


Text HOME to 741741