Mahalo original humans😊

We truly are one of a kind💜 When I am out and about I very much enjoy people watching. The interactions, exchanges between people together or the faces of people as they go about their day. Sometimes there is fatigue and stress. Other faces can be soft or serious and then light up into a smile. Yesterday I was heading into my gym and a woman leaving was so happy and so joyous (I am thinking she had glee that her workout was over😂)she brought a smile to my face!

Unless we have a personal connection with someone we do know have a clue about what is going on in their life. If someone is short or rude with us do we strike back or show kindness and compassion? I say this making it crystal clear is is NEVER ok for anyone to treat anyone in a disrespectful manner. Too often we let someone influence our mood because of their mood then we get upset with other person for “wrecking our day” because of their mood. Or we will say “they made us angry”😬 We can get angry yet NO ONE except us can make us angry and underneath anger is usually hurt and frustration. Emotions have layers just like an onion😜

People you are the sole owner, proprietor, executive director or your mood, actions, behavior. You are the CEO of your MOOD! Yep you wield that power over yourself. Can circumstances, situations influence and have an impact on your mood…absolutely! What is most important is what you do with you in those situations, circumstances or sometimes when your mood is a solo event of the chatter in your head.

There are times a mood imbalance can have a medical cause. If have you a sad, mad, nervous, anxiety or anything else mood that feels out of sync for you over a period of time GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR. There are times how our brain is working or not working  is NOT mind over matter and can be the result of a medical issue.

Checking your mood temperature, and taking positive, healthy actions if your mood is getting hotter or darker can help! Taking a break, getting a drink of water or glass of lemonade (yum), going for a walking, writing, reading, drawing, fitness all can help! Getting outdoors in nature can help! If a conversation with someone is getting hotter it is totally ok to step away and pause it, this can help too! The majority of things going on in our lives can be paused and gone back to.

All those things listed above help! I say this from them using with my moods and working with clients (ages from little ones to seasoned adults) where we figured out the best combination of action to take CONSISTENTLY (extremely important part of this). Just as we all are unique we all have unique healthy ways to cope with our stress, our frustration, our moods⭐️

Most amazing, wonderful people keep taking care of yourself! You are the only and will be the only original in this world❤️

The talk I am including is a TED talk by Maysoon Zayid. It’s titled “I got 99 problems..palsy is just one”.  It’s around 15 minutes.

Thank you for bringing your you to the world😊