Mahalo excellent people,

I have begun using mahalo as a greeting on all of my social media because this Hawaiian word means thanks, gratitude, admiration, praise, esteem, regards, or respects😊 I love it’s meaning and what it stands for!

About a year or so ago I changed up my workout. I have always felt (and research backs this up) that some sort of movement, exercise, activity for your body is great for your emotions, stress, brain and it just helps you feel good!

I never used to do classes (I would tell people I am not a fitness class person) and last year I changed that. I began taking classes and now LOVE them. Boot camp, kickbox, body works plus abs are my favorites.

When I first began attending classes my focus was on the other people there. How well they could do certain moves, they seemed to have so much energy, solid core work and balance. Instead of using my concentration on what I could do in my distraction of watching others I was missing out on making each class a great workout for me.

That was my moment of clarity.  When I totally focused on what I was doing in class and cheerleading myself for being in class, my skills and ability improved. During some of the super tough sections, I immerse myself in that moment and mentally tell myself “I am going to give it all I’ve got to make it!” I am so happy with me that it when I get to the next tough spot I can know I can cause I’ve got the power⭐️

Too often we are watching and distracted by what others are doing in comparison to who we are. We don’t give ourselves our best shot and we hold ourselves back from being true and authentic to the incredible individuals we are.

I am including one of my favorite TED talks is by Caroline Casey. She was born blind, did not find this out till she was 17, and for a LONG time fought who she really is.

Thank you for your time in reading this. You are amazing and remarkable just the way you are❤️