Mahalo Fabulous Peeps,

How are you this fine day?

As I write the fur babies of  Bella, Harry, and Hector (who is my daughter’s pooch staying with us) are quiet, calm, peaceful. It is amazing to me when there is little sound in the house except for the hum of the refrigerator, the clicking of the keys on the keyboard, and the birds outside how motionless the world seems.

I feel for myself and for too many of us moments like I am having now it is too much a rarity. How often do we take a moment to be still in our spirits and souls. Yet just like us needing water, food, and other necessities, calm and quiet, even for a few moments, is essential for self care⭐️

In reading the interview from the soccer team from Thailand one of the most powerful tools they used to cope in the cave was mindfulness and meditation. It helped to decrease the impact of their fears and anxieties, not having food, maintain energy and be ok in a very uncertain situation.

When I encourage or recommend individuals do mediation/mindfulness/quiet time the  most common response is “I don’t have the time”. You do have the time. Let me say this again, you do have the time. You can be calm and quiet in your mind while you brush your teeth, walk out of your house, drive your car, wash your dishes, or as you are going to sleep at night. The opportunities exist in pretty much everything we do. All it requires is to focus on your breathing, shoo away the thoughts in your head, lose yourself in what you are doing, breath in and out and let the stillness wash over you❤️

Today I am leaving you with a Ted talk by Louis Schwartzberg called Nature. Beauty.Gratitude. It is 10 minutes of peace and calm. When I have moments where I am having difficulty getting to my calm I use this talk to ground and reset me😊

Take upmost care of your spirit and soul. You are needed in this world for who you are and what you do💜