Mahalo fantastic people,

Most recently when I was stocking up on toilet paper I purposefully did not buy the MEGA rolls. I have bought them in the past. Aarrgghh they are frustrating. My toilet paper holders are not super sized so I cram the toilet paper in and work very hard to get some when needed. Bigger is not always better.

There are times when trying to meet our emotional needs we go to the bigger, more to feel better us. We eat more, buy more, exercise too much, drink to much, and get excessive in many additional ways. This can come with a short lived feeling of good, yet the aftermath can do more damage to us and then we fill worse about ourselves. If we don’t change SOMETHING the cycle repeats.

When we do things that are not good for us our emotions and bodies always let us know. We feel uncomfortable, on edge, not happy. Emotions never lie and neither do our bodies.

The GREAT news is that we have the ability to change all of this😊 We have the power to take steps (and they do not need to be mega ones) to get ourselves to a happier, healthier place! It is possible for every single one of us⭐️

When we feel stressed, upset, overwhelmed, sad we can first pay attention to what are emotions are telling us. Take a moment to feel the emotion and let it sink in. One of the most magnificent things about humans is our ability to feel emotions❤️ When we try to avoid them they do not go away, they haunt us until we deal with them.  If you try to never feel your emotions or avoid them they will stockpile until you implode or explode.

Wonderful peeps be kind and nice to yourself when you are upset. Do some fitness, take a walk, reach out to a caring person in your life (yes this does mean reach out for help and support)😜, do something for someone else. Take steps to avoid the old mega behaviors and replace them with positive, soothing kind actions! You are so worth it and so deserve to be happy and healthy🎉❤️

I am including a TED talk with Ann Cuddy. While she does talk about the infamous Power Pose she also talks about how small changes can make a great difference👍

Thank you for being you💜