Good day, thank you for taking some time to read my blog. Let me first introduce myself! My name is Judi C. Swanson (sometimes the C comes in handy) and I am the founder and CEO of Kindness Rocks. People knock my socks off daily and I am inspired by the courage, dignity, spirit, and passion of people! Please bear with me as this is my first ever blog and I NEVER EVER thought I would be doing something like this. I read many incredible blogs before beginning mine (and there are some super cool bloggers out there) and what I discovered is that I will need to blog my style with my words and my voice.

I will share a few fun facts about me so I’m not a complete stranger! I am surrounded by an amazing family, great friends, some fur-babies (Bella & Harry are the dogs, and Miakoda the cat tolerates them). In my profession as a social worker, I see the worst of the worst in things people have experienced, lived through, and survived. Despite the horrible things that have happened to people, they work incredibly  hard with so much grit, honesty, resiliency, compassion, forgiveness, and love – it is powerful.

Life does not always have the perfect, happy ending so we need to figure out ways to be good with us despite what is going on around us. That can be really, really hard! Yet is it possible!

One of the most caring things we can do for ourselves and for others,is to be kind and gentle with us and kind and gentle with others. This does not mean you tolerate being treated in a disrespectful way or keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself.  It means how you see your amazing self can have positive ripple effects for you, your relationships, and the world!

Once a week I will share some thoughts, tips, ideas, cool stories of good (and there truly are lots out there), along with how I got here on my road trip called life. Thanks for taking time to read this, for being you and bringing your you to the world! Be nice to yourself especially with the voice in your head that comments on how you are living your life and be kind to others too!

Thank you😊

Have an amazing day!