Mahalo exceptional people,

Last Saturday my eldest daughter and I were out and about doing work on a current project we were heading from the coffee shop where we were working to a Mexican restaurant in the same building to get some yummy food and a Margarita😊 This building we were in houses a few businesses and it is not that big.There were three different ways to get into the restaurant. The closest entrance to the restaurant inside the building my daughter vetoed. So we were heading the long way to go outside of the building to get there. When we were outside there were two routes to go. She was going to pick the go down the steps to walk and then go back up more steps (making no sense to me when just walking straight to the restaurant and for my very sore legs of two days of intense workouts painful) I vetoed her plan and we turned to walk to the restaurant on the porch that surrounded the building. I was feeling like over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house we go😜

Sitting right there was one of her dearest friends from her school years. He was also someone near and dear to my heart as he had spent a lot of time at our house and had always felt like one of my additional children. There was a pause like right before lighting strikes when we first saw, then realized our wonderful surprise. Then the explosion of laughter, conversation, and catching up began.

We ended up laughing and talking for five minutes that melted into an hour. Even though we both had other things going on (he ended up not going to his friends to watch a World Cup soccer game) the time that mattered was here, now, the present. For my daughter and for her friend they had simply lost touch after high school. This simple, powerful moment sparked the strong bond of their friendship. Time dissolved and positive, warm, caring relationships remained solid. It was GREAT❤️

Sometimes the least direct route in our lives can take us to the most wonderful, expected surprises. Great treasures and moment of connections can happen to us if we ALLOW and are open to the possibilities. Next time you are headed in the shortest, most direct path perhaps just for giggles and kicks take a different route. Mix things up and see what happens as you never know what unexpected treasures will be around the corner😊

Today and everyday take most excellent care of your amazing self👍 Today I am adding a goalcast video by Lisa Nichols. It is really awesome just like you😊

Peace out and rock on your day❤️