Like many I am a Wordle playing person, challenging myself to guess a five letter word with six attempts. My morning routine now includes spending time challenging my brain to correctly guess the Wordle word of the day in my six attempts.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.” Dr. Wayne Dyer

As my experience playing Wordle increases I have noticed my approach to Wordle influences my success. There have been times I have NOT correctly guessed the Wordle of the day, not because I did not know the word, as I knew every one. Part of the reason was my linear approach to how I played. My approach was limiting me, limiting the potential of what I could do. One day I had an aha moment. How my Wordle blinders reflected my personal view of all things in my world. If I wanted to expand, grow, and evolve and not limit myself I needed to change my perspective. I could develop new habits and actions to see things from a new perspective mixing the old with some new.

When you look at a field of dandelions you can either see a hundred weeds or a thousand wishes.” Unknown

What my Wordle aha moment had prompted in me is the opportunity to do a refresh of perspective in all areas of my life. This does not mean I do not get mad, sad, upset, bothered or stuck as I still do. In those moments I can jostle my brain to open myself up to all possibilities, not just the ones I typically would take, creating something new to me that works for me. Tapping into my childhood curiosity to see what can be in those areas of my life I want to change. One bonus to all of this is that I have improved my Wordle playing skills as well. Perhaps if you have some areas in your life that are not working for you, where your thinking and approach are linear and contained, some new perspective could help. You have nothing to lose and new options to gain.

May your Wordle be with you❤️