Fred Rogers said “You make each day a special day. You know how? By just being you. there’s only one person is this whole world like you. People can like you exactly as you are.” Sometimes in the blur of our daily living it can be easy to forgot the specialness each we bring to the world. Yet you so matter. Who you are, and what you do, makes a difference.

Be kind to yourself. Be proud of yourself. Because you matter. What you do matters. You make a difference.” Unknown

An article from states “People differ in so many ways; in their genetic make-up, sociocultural backgrounds, attitudes, the way they speak, listen, learn, behave, act and react. In addition your personality, attitude, experiences, habits, creativity, perspective, taste, and your goals.”  Our personal formula of who we are is truly the only one. No one can be duplicated. Even scientists have reported in cloning organisms are not always identical. One of a kind, is well, one of a kind.

You are loved. Massively, Ferociously. Unconditionally. The Universe is totally freaking about how awesome you are. It’s got you wrapped in a warm gorilla hug of adoration.” Jen Sincero

Let that sink in for a moment. You are a one of a kind, original, unique, cannot be duplicated somebody. You have the right to be you, and love you for who you are, imperfectly perfect in all the best ways. When you embrace yourself and give yourself permission to live your life in a way that shows honor, integrity, respect, and love all is possible. Everyone fails and falls in some way shape or form. My personal joke is I try to make the majority of mistakes by 10:00am so I can get them out of the way. I can shame myself for my imperfections or embrace them as part of my humanness. The shaming felt crappy. When I love all of me it allows me to grow and evolve in all sorts of wonderful ways.

Start now. Start where you are. Start with fear. Start with pain. Start with doubt. Start with hands shaking. Start with voice trembling..but start. Start and don’t stop. Start where you are, with what you have. Just..start.” Ijeoma Umebinyuo

Since we have established you are somebody, what do you want to do with your life? Do you want to learn something new, go back to school, start your own business, go after a romantic relationship or end one that had made you unhappy for a long time? Do you want to stand up for yourself and express how you feel…letting your voice be heard? Perhaps you want to start running. If you run from one light post to the next you have taken a action towards what you want to be doing. A step is a step. Do you, be you, for you. Live a life where you show honor, integrity, respect, and love to yourself. The simplicity, and power, of this is when we live our life in a way where we value ourselves others around us benefit.  Being your best person will bring others up as well. Thank you for being somebody. Thank you for being you and bringing your awesome to the world.

Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash