Johnny Nash wrote:

“I can see clearly now the rain is gone
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It’s gonna be a bright (bright)
Bright (bright) sunshiny day.”

Seems to me Johnny Nash had a pretty good sense about clarity, which is all about being clear. states clarity is “freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.” Clarity has a place and purpose in our lives. Yet sometimes there is so much going on it can be difficult, to see clearly what we need and what we want, to nurture our spirits, our souls.

Yet what is crucial for our wellbeing, especially during times of stress and chaos, is clarity of who we are. So let’s take some steps to get our clarity back.

“When life gets blurry adjust your focus.” Author Unknown

Clarity is not something to be postponed. Clarity is a priority for every single one of us, because who we are is a core value to how we navigate life. I know from my own growth and evolution I was a little fearful of what I would see inside when I looked at who I am. It felt unsettling and there were definitely some parts of me I did not like. When I took the time mentally to understand myself, and why I was the way I was helped me to change those pieces of me I didn’t like. To act and be a person I can now say I unconditionally love.

“Clarity of self requires courage of self.” Judi Swanson

This clarity carried over into all areas of my life. I began to pursue my passions, my wants, my heart desires.  My clarity freed me up so I could clearly hear what my intuition and gut was telling me about my choices and direction in life.

“No one can give you wiser advise but yourself.” Cicero

Take some time for self-reflection to think about you. Who you are, What you want, Why do you want what you want, and How will you get there. Are you seeking clarity about who you are or a particular area of your life.

An article by MindSet Momma’s states “According to The Chopra Center, confusion, distraction, and disorganization are the “three ingredients that make up the managerial part of mental life, which is a basic necessity.” Each one of these ingredients can be solved by finding clarity. And until that happens, our mind (and inner self) will feel unsettled. But don’t fret quite yet. Dr. Amy Johnson says, “You have more clarity than you think. Being lost in your own personal thought is what produces the feeling of confusion.” So, let’s get out of your head and start digging so you can gain clarity—the ripple effect will then help you find your purpose, set goals, and pursue your purpose.”

Fast Company’s article about “The Key Habits of Highly Effective Teams”  talks about clarity of purpose, clarity of plan, and clarity of responsibility which would be useful in how you organize your clarity.

What you want our of your life is important. Yes there will be moments in your life that is chocked full of so much there will be no time for self-reflection. Yet there will be moments you will have time. To ponder the possibilities of who you are and what do you want to be in your life. Once I cleared out my head clutter it freed up my mental space to create a really good flow in my brain. I felt more grounded and peaceful in my own skin. I took actions in my life that reflected me in a healthier way and began to work towards my heart desires.

Anthony Moore said“It’s a funny thing – it actually takes about the same amount of energy to sustain a mediocre life as it does to build an incredibly fulfilling one.”

Remember this. You deserve and are worthy to live the life of your dreams. You deserve and are worthy to take action in your best interest. To go after whatever it is you want to achieve. I believe in you. Who you are matters.

May your clarity be with you💜

Photo by Alberto Almajano on Unsplash