The book I am currently reading is by Brené Brown called “dare to lead”. I bought it for myself after getting is as a Christmas present for someone else, and then heard how much they enjoyed reading it. Since I am always up to read a new and interesting book I went and bought a copy.

I am a third of the way in of the book, and am enjoying it in case you were wondering🤔 The section I am currently reading compares armored leadership and daring leadership. What resonates with me is how some practices for daring leadership is something all of us could use in our daily living. Actions like practicing gratitude, setting healthy boundaries, seeking real comfort, celebrating milestones, achievements and more.

If you think of it we are all (or should be) daring leaders in our own lives. What we do each day, the choices we make, the people we surround ourselves with, the food we eat, clothing we wear, how we keep our space, what we do with our free time, what kind of friend, student, employee, parent, family member, boss comes back to how we do who we are.

While there are definitely certain positions that are “leader” specific and titles as such, there are numerous chances in which we can demonstrate being a leader without being titled a leader. What is most important and valuable is are you a “daring leader” as called by Brené Brown in your life? Are you leading you life with intent, practicing gratitude, feeling for the most part positive and empowered in how you live each day? If not then today is a GREAT day to begin making choices and decisions that reflect who you are and what you want to be⭐️

Quite a few years back I did an assessment of my life. While my life was ok, there were a few sections that did not float my boat. This included things like getting to work on time (I was on time yet it was a rushed job in the morning to achieve this), to not expressing feelings and thoughts in all areas of my life that resonated in my heart, I would truly seize the day which is great, yet was not thoughtful in looking at the day, week, month to make decisions in how I wanted to spend my time and how I could do it in a positive manner. There were two side projects I wanted to actively pursue outside my work arena that I thought about, sometimes talked about, and was not taking action. I had an attitude of gratitude, yet gratitude was not a consistent practice in my life. I am really good at celebrating the achievements of others. It has always been more challenging to celebrate my own.

I worked diligently, with focus and thoughtfulness to make some changes. In the mornings I get up earlier (go to bed earlier too) to give my self more time the AM. There are some mornings I get up crazy early to go to fitness classes, when they will not fit in later in the day, because fitness is a priority for me. I look at my 56 hours a week (I chunk my time each week into three categories: 56 hours for sleeping, 56 hours work (full time job and part time job), and the other 56 hours to manage my time. Some of the 56 is fitness, some chores, grocery shopping, cleaning, some goes to pursuing the two projects, some towards spending time with people I love, and some is for NOTHING. When I begin to feel like I have too much going on I do a double check of my 56 hours and it helps to ground me and allows me to see that it’s all good and there is plenty of time. If needed I can reschedule my time in a way that feels more balanced and less hectic.

I have gotten better at celebrating my own milestones. When someone is giving me a compliment I have learned to say “thank you”, and let the moment be as I am and was a great complimenting the thanker person. When I am proud of something I have accomplished and I give myself a woohoo. Sometimes I share these milestones with others too! When I feel the need to express a thought, idea, emotion I do so, taking pause to choose the words I want to say in a direct, kind, thoughtful way.

Instead of feeling like I was following whatever was going on, I now feel in charge of myself, my life, my world. Does everything go according to plan. NOPE. Will I be ok when that happens? YEP.  What I do know is my current way of leading my life feels more authentic, peaceful, empowered, joyous.

Exceptional person you deserve to be the daring leader of your life, your world. Take some time and reevaluate where you are, what you are doing, and what things you want to change. For the things you want to change, look at how you want to change your choices and actions and do it. Whatever day you start is the right day to start. You matter and are so worthy of leading your life the way you want to.

May your daring leadership be with you💜

Photo by Photo by Kiana Bosman on Unsplash