Do you have any things in your life you want to achieve or conquer? It could range from smaller accomplishments to those on a larger scale. I have been working diligently to stretch myself to overcome my own hurdles to achieve some goals that are important to me. This blog post is one of them so let me explain why this one is different than the other posts I have made.

I wrote this on Saturday, not Sunday. Yep that’s it.

Every Sunday morning when I get up I write this post. After I write, I skim the post over to look for any changes that are needed and then boom, it is posted. What happens more than not is I later I revisit the post and see mistakes or sentences that need editing so I edit away. I know the best way for me to write is to write, then let what I have written sit and look at it the next day with fresh eyes. It helps improve how I write, what I write. For me it feels better. It’s like preparing a french toast bake the night before where it sits in the refrigerator overnight blending and absorbing all the delicious flavors together. You add a few ingredients in the morning and bake a wonderful, delicious breakfast.

Weekend after weekend would go by with great plans of writing a post on Saturday and it did not happen. Until today. Today I gave myself a firm deadline of writing on Saturday to edit on Sunday. No more excuses. As I am writing I feel more relaxed and in the flow. Often on Sunday’s I feel a time crunch, pressured, and stressed. Writing this today, Saturday, feels nice.

There are some other goals  that I am proud of myself for achieving. Towards the end of 2019 I began going to two 5:30am fitness classes getting up at 4:10am to get ready. Getting up at the wee hours of the morning is something that does not come naturally to me. It required shear determination, a no excuses mind set and a wanting to change. Yep did it. In January I added a third class which is a cycling class. For those who have not taken a cycling class they are a beast. My two morning classes are intense. Cycling is a s whole new level of stretch for me. There is something powerful that improves my mood and confidence when I leave each and every class. Even though my work portions and other life stuff is just getting going I have crushed my day.

These goals I set for myself I did not share with anyone. None on these goals or challenges are things I had to do. All of them are what I wanted to accomplish for myself. Some research supports the idea that it is best to keep your goal to yourself. Part of it comes from other people’s fears, the naysayers, their own sense of not accomplishing goals for themselves so when you tell them yours they subtly, or not subtly, put you and your goal down. An article in Science Daily dated September 3, 2019  titled “Share your goals, but be careful whom you tell” supports the idea of being choosy in regards to whom you tell your goal. Make sure it is someone who will build you up and support you. Not someone who will bring you down. By nature I am an internal person so my decision was to share my success after. I had some wonderful cheers and good for you from some people. Others not so much. Regardless I was and am proud of myself.

How often do we celebrate our personal victories? In my eyes not often enough. Regardless of the achievement we should be patting ourselves on the back and sometimes sharing it with others. When we were little it felt super awesome when we learned to tie our shoes, to read, ride a bike. There was this grand sense of “I did it” and we whooped it up! This should not be something that goes away. Thrive Global in an article dated December 13, 2019 gives “10 reasons to celebrate your successes” like it’s a confidence boost, you can use the skills you learned in this achievement for others, you can inspire others around you to celebrate (one of my favorites). The link for the article is at the bottom of this post.

Celebrating your achievements is good for you. Celebrating your achievements is good for others. Celebrating others achievements is good for them and you.

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Celebrate come on😊 To anyone who reads this please send a email of one of your accomplishments or successes. We will happily do a shout out to celebrate you. What you achieve and accomplish is super important because who you are and what you do matters.

May your did it be with you💜

Photo by Samuel Clara on Unsplash