There are areas in my life that forever I was NOT disciplined. My actions were NOT an orderly pattern of behavior ( Often things were left to the last minute. Going out to eat at a busy restaurant skip the reservation that could be made and just show up, planning a vacation wait until the last moment possible to figure it out, getting ready for work, make a mad dash in the morning then race out the door to get to work almost on time, have jobs/chores in the house to do, keep putting them off until there are so many to do it was overwhelming, stressful, aarrgghh😡

One day I decided it was a good day to become more disciplined. While my life did work for me and everything worked out, too often it was rushed, chaotic, stressed. I became tired of how I was doing some things, so I decided I was going to change up how I did things while being true to my free-nature spirit self.

An article in Success Consciousness by Remez Sasson says:

“Start associating self-discipline with inner strength, courage, inner strength, and not giving in to harmful habits, laziness and procrastination. This skill can help you gain more control over your life, your actions and your reactions.”

Little Things Matter says ” the benefits of becoming a disciplined person is when you are consistent in doing the things you know you should do, when you know you should do them, here are the benefits you will enjoy:

  • achieving your goals
  • self-esteem soars
  • you will influence the lives of others
  • you will see greater success in all areas of your life
  • you will enjoy a more rewarding and satisfying life”

When I made the choice and decision to become more disciplined I began with routine day to day things. Getting ready for work now I do pretty much everything I need to do the night before, which has made mornings less stressful. Getting ready in the morning AND getting to work on time is a breeze. Household chores I just do them. Sometimes I have a “brain battle” where I am like I do not want to vacuum…I need to vacuum…I could wait to vacuum.  I spend a lot of mental energy on this battle. When I simply just vacuum even though no part of me wants to vacuum I feel great! It is done. The house looks better, I feel better, and I no longer have to think about doing it. The less I have my brain battles the more mental energy I have for me. When my car is getting low on gas I USED to wait until it was super low and I was a tad panicky. It seemed like whenever I was on a time crunch to get somewhere was when my car was low on gas.  Now I just fill her up. Boom things are done. Boom I have gas. Less stress, more energy, great feeling of satisfaction. Little tweaks on a consistent basis led to an easier life.  Now that I have been consistently doing things in a more orderly, disciplined fashion they are part of my routine. I just do it. My brain battles are less, my life is easier, I am less stressed.

The other benefits I have found with my disciplined ways is that is actually gives me more time to do the fun things I want to in a less stressful way. By having whatever it is I needed to complete done it clears my brain space of being haunted from what I needed to do and improves my enjoyability. My energy has improved, my confidence and sense of completion has improved, My overall sense of self is at a much better  place.

Spectacular person consider the areas of your life where some discipling of your ways would be helpful for you. Having a less stressful, chaotic life is good for you brain, body, and day to day living. You are so deserving of more joy, peace, serenity.

#justdidit #youvegotthis #youmatter

May your discipline be with you💜

Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash