This morning I woke up with wonderful energy, which does not always happen every morning when I wake up. My brain feels clear headed and focused. My body feels like it has the energy I want it to have to go after and do the things I want it to do today. I was feeling this way before my most delicious cup of coffee.

If you think about it our personal energy is a most precious resource. Today seems likes a great day to look more at energy.

Many if not all of the activities and actions we take on a daily basis involve using our personal energy to accomplish them. Our day begins with getting up, brushing our teeth, showering, and continues from there. In order to function in our lives we need our energy to do so. In order to function in our lives we also need to get energy because you can’t give out what you don’t have. If you try to give out energy you do not have it can cause a serious depletion of your energy.

So what are ways we can have energy to do the things we want to do?

  • Sleep. Sleep is restorative. Sleep helps to heal our heart and blood vessels, boost memory and thinking, keeps our moods less moody, improves our immune system, and helps keep a stable weight.
  • Eating a balanced diet. Research continues to prove that a more balanced, healthy food intake helps to improve our body’s energy stores. It doesn’t mean that “junk” food never happens (I am well known for my love of donuts), it means the majority of your food intake should involved healthy choices.
  • Movement. When you exercise this strengthens the circulation and the heart muscle which in turn can improve your energy. Any type of movement is helpful in achieving this energy boost. From doing desk exercises to walking outdoors to going to the gym. A body in motion creates the opportunity for more motion.
  • Orderly space. If your space has too much stuff, is too messy it will creates distractions in your mind and make it difficult to relax. Clean, orderly spaces are soothing and relaxing.
  • Naps (for some). Napping is good for some of us as after a good nap we have more energy reserves to do more. There are some people out there that when they nap they feel crappy after. If a nap is an energy booster for you go for it. I am a nap person and take one whenever I can.
  • Healthy emotional outlets. As human beings stress, emotions, life can take a toll. Find healthy outlets for your emotions like fitness, crafts, building things, painting, reading, music and more. You know what you like to do that brings you happiness and calm. Make time to do that a priority. If you are better to yourself you have more energy for your life.
  • Keep hydrated. Yep a nice glass of water is a simple, effective energy booster. If you don’t have enough fluid in your body the body has to work harder to complete all the functions it needs to do to keep going. Next time you pee check out the color. A clear pee color can signal your body is hydrated. One of my favorite beverages is hot water with lemon. YUM🍋
  • People in your life. Do the people in your life bring you more up or more down? If you have individuals in your life that after you spend time with them or talk to them you feel energy zapped it is time to explore how you want them to be in your life. Perhaps you need to distance from them or have a courageous conversation with them.
  • Alcohol use. According to alcohol interferes with the way your body makes energy. When you’re metabolising, or breaking down alcohol, the liver can‘t produce as much glucose, which means you have low levels of blood sugar, which reduces your energy.  Look at how much alcohol, how often you are drinking, and how alcohol is part of your life.  If you are using other substances take a hard look at why you are using them. Seeking out professional help would be a good thing.
  • Keep up with your physical health. Yep yearly physicals are preventative and proactive. Your body is your vessel. Take care of it. If you are feeling like something is physically wrong go get it checked out.
  • Look at your schedule. Do you have balance in your life? Are there activities you say no to so that you have time for yourself? Down time is energy boosting time.
  • A little bit of caffeine. Yep caffeine is an energy booster. If you are hungry have a snack. Our bodies are like cars. We need the right type of fuel in them to help them run smoothly.
  • Look at your mental health. If you are going through an ongoing period of time where you feel blue, down, depressed, angry, irritable, anxious or more seek out help. In today’s world there are a variety of supports that can partner with you as you work through what is going on. Reach out to friends and family members that you are struggling. People who love you want to help you just as you would help them. Let them in and let them help.

For me the more I continue in my life’s journal the more I have realized the importance of my energy. I want to have really good energy to do whatever it is I want to be doing. I don’t want to be feeling so fatigued that I cannot enjoy whatever activity I am involved in. In my life’s learning curve I have had to learn, sometimes through the school of hard knocks, how to take better care of me and my precious energy.

Most fantastic person, you and your personal energy is so valuable and essential. Treat your body like the renewal resource it is. You so matter and deserve it.

May your energy be with you💜

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash