I have been feeling all kinds of fired up. Yep words like stimulated, energized, passionate, and determined would be descriptors of my feelings. My fired-upness is coming from experiencing and observing the snarky, salty, combative, and mean spirited ways people are treating each other. Yes I have been on the receiving end a few times. As I bear witness to all that is happening, how people treat and talk to each other, hurts me. We as humans are better than this, we truly are. We can do better. I believe in every fiber of my being we will do better. Will it take work? Yep. Will it be worth it? Absofreakinlutely.

“A river cuts through rock, not because of it’s power, but because of it’s persistence.”

Recently I watched a Netflix documentary titled “The Great Hack” about Cambridge Analytical. This documentary is about social media using our personal information and at times, creating campaigns to built an atmosphere of fear and mistrust of each other and guide our decisions. So in addition to a plethora of stressful events occurring presently in this world our technology is trying to influence our thoughts and behaviors.

We can all agree there is a LOT going on in the world around us that is stressful, hard, hurtful. So what are too many humans doing? Going after each other with words, and sometimes actions. We are hurting our planet and we are hurting each other. It is time to change all of that.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” Mother Teresa

I believe we all matter. I believe we are deserving of respect, kindness, and compassion. I believe we all deserve to live in a home that is safe and comfortable with food to eat and water to drink. Everyone deserve’s an education and to pursue our hearts desires. Our planet deserves we treat her with care and consideration as she is sharing her beauty by letting us stay with her. I believe we have the ability to work together, to listen to each other, to support and be there for each other.

So let’s begin taking steps to get ourselves and others to a more peaceful. loving, healthy place. If you take a moment to reflect upon your accomplishments in life it was your work that resulted in achieving your goals. Can a mountain be moved stone by stone? Yes. Can we create ripples of good in the world. Yes.

First begin with taking care of yourself. Everyday so something nice for you. I have had days so filled to the brim my self care consisted of eating delicious, nutritious food, standing outside for 10 minutes and breathing. Those steps for me helped me. Did I sometimes eat crappy food on those days? Yep. I learned that my food choices can help me or hinder me on my intense days so I make healthier choices. I do more self care on other days too! Each day, every day needs self care for you.

Second look out for people around you. Help out. Do a “kindness surprise” for someone you know or maybe don’t know. Write a thank you note or email. Write an email to a supervisor of someone commending them for helping you. Take the time to listen to a story that perhaps you have listened to before yet the person is telling it again. Be kind.

Third if a person gets snarky, confrontational, disrespectful and says mean spirited words to you as Michelle Obama says “go high.” To go high you have the right to speak up. You can tell someone how you are feeling and you do not like how they are talking to you. You can pause or stop a conversation to say we will talk about this later. You can say to a person are you okay because you seem upset. Stay calm, keep your body language open. An article in Forbes titled “How to Diffuse a Situation, In Five Simple Words” says “consider that it is perspective, not circumstance, that determines the conflict. The difficulty comes first and foremost from the viewpoints involved, processed through the internal filter of our thinking.  Those five simple words are ‘What else could this mean’.”

Fourth take care of our planet. Earth is mighty, spectacular. glorious and amazing. She does not deserved to be abused by us. Earth deserves each one of us taking action everyday to treat her with the respect and consideration.

Magnificent, fantastic person you matter. Take care of you. Let’s look out for each other. My fired up pledge is that I am going to increase my kindness blast factor of being more compassion and kind to myself and to others. In difficult conversation’s I will keep in mind “what else could this mean.” I will share my feelings using “I” statements. I will not finger point and blaming anyone else for how I feel or my actions in my life. I will take more actions to be earth protective in my daily living. I am not going to run and hide. I am going to fight for what I believe in. That is my pledge. What will your pledge be?

May your fired up be with you❤️

Photo by NASA on Unsplash