There are times in our lives full is a word that describes what is going on. Our hands can be full, we can be moving full steam ahead, full-bodied, full of life, at full tilt, full of ourselves, full circle, glass half full, a life full with purpose, our bellies can be full. According to the online dictionary the word full means “containing or holding as much as possible, having no empty space, not lacking anything, make something full, straight, directly.

Full is well, full.

Full is truly wonderful. When our lives include all of what we want, desire and our bodies are nurtured with food  what an incredible way to experience and live our life. Sometimes before we are aware of it, full becomes an over the top, crammed, crowded, jammed, loaded, packed explosion. Too much going on, too much to do, we are overeating, overdoing, overdone. We feel like we are in a tsunami wave being thrown all over place simply trying to find something to hang on to.

If you look at some of the images and words posted on social media it appears most who post are living dream lives. They have these magical lives, participating in lovely social activities, a completely full social calendar, everything is so perfect and right.

Steve Furtick said “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” 

Everyone has triggers to their confidence and how they are living their lives. I have listened to conversations where people try to be the “busiest” champion. In an article from Tiny Buddha Emily Holland wrote:

“Facebook recently reminded me of just how powerful a determinant it is to my confidence level. I found myself comparing all aspects of my life, both internal and external, to a person I had never met. She was a stranger in every sense of the word, and yet somehow, her profile page caused me to question my accomplishments, appearance, and even personality traits.

I didn’t realize just how illogical this was until I explained it to someone, and, now as I type, I’m reminded even further. Regardless of how illogical these comparisons may be, our emotional responses to such images can be so strong that they completely overpower our sense of logic.

The reality is, people are constantly showcasing the best aspects of their life onto social media.”

Your full for your life should only be centered around you. There is great value to your self care and emotional self to doing NOTHING. Yep nothing. Staying all day in your pj’s, perhaps brushing your teeth (or not), reading, watching movies, napping nothing. Doing this if you are single, in a relationship, have children. Getting away from your electronics and social media. “Danish researchers found that students who disconnected from Facebook for just one week reported notable increases in life satisfaction and positive emotions. In another experiment, neuroscientists who went on a nature trip reported enhanced cognitive performance.” in an article in LivesScience written by Simon Gottschalk.

Everyone has a different definition of their lives being full. One of my friends who is a therapist told me that working ten hours a week is her max. Anything beyond that is too much for her. Her husband works full time so financially this is doable. I know another therapist friend who has a full-time job and almost works full-time in her private counseling practice. She does not need to financially. She wants to. That is her full.

For all of us what fills us up and makes our lives full differs. If there are too many extra, unrequired events that you do not have to do, do not want to do, say no to some or perhaps all of them. Think about the kind of full you want your life to be. What do you want in it and how much of full you want and need. Avoid comparisons. Saying no is always ok, even if it feels uncomfortable. Listen to your intuition, your gut to have as much people and experiences that bring you joy and contentment.

You do not need to live your life like it’s a Thanksgiving meal where you overeat and overdo so much that you go into a life coma. Life will always be filled with tons of choices and options around you. Choose the ones that are best for you.

Fantastic, worthy person you deserve the fullness of life you want and desire. Take charge and make choices to add in and take out people. places, activities that are right for you. The more you feel that ideal sense of full for you, as you become happier with the life you are living, others around you will benefit from you being good with you.

May your full be with you💜

Photo by Nathan Dumlao Unsplash