Happy New Year everyone🎉 Many of us use the New Year as a time to make a resolution and vow to ourselves, sometimes to others, to do something good for ourselves, or to not do something that we have been doing that is not good for us. Resolutions like working out, going to a gym, eating healthier, spending less money fill the air in New Year’s Day.

Anytime you take stock of your life, how you are living it and look at making positive changes it is a good thing. Reflections about who you are and what you want to be are healthy for you! Guess what🤔 According to a New York Post article in 2018 research conducted by Strava, the social network for athletes, has discovered that Saturday, Jan. 12, is the fateful day of New Year’s resolutions. After analyzing more than 31.5 million online global activities last January, Strava was able to pinpoint the date when most people report failing their resolution. An article in the Business Insider from 2017 reports that 80% of resolution making people stop their resolutions by the second week of February, which means that 20% of people are keeping their resolutions.

What is it that the 20% are doing that helps them stick to and keep their resolutions, goals? First their resolution has a specific nature to it and it is realistic. Writing it down AND telling people in your life you trust to support you can help you with being accountable and sticking to it.

Think about it this way. A resolution is a goal for yourself (or as I like to call it a goalution) January 1st is just a date on the calendar. Everyday is a new day that offers the potential and possibility to make positive changes for your life. Take time to ponder what is behind the change you want to make for yourself and how do you want to make that change. Expect there will be times you will not be taking steps towards your goalution and you will backside into old habits. That happens to EVERYONE. When that happens (not if, when) instead of completely stopping, start up the next day. Yes the next day get going. Reassess how you were working towards your goalution.  Perhaps you need a difference environment for achieving success.? How do you feel after you take a step towards your goalution? Would more supports help you? Are you giving yourself credit for the positive actions you are taking?

“If a goal is worth having, it’s worth blocking out the time in your day to day life necessary to achieve it”  Jill Koenig

In my life I use the mantra, especially when I do not feel like going to a workout class yet know it is so good for me, and I say “what is best for me and my body?” then I get going. Momentum is a great tool for helping to propel us forward in a good way. When I take actions that are good for me and my body I ALWAYS feel better, more energized and grounded in ALL areas of my life. We are the only people who stop us from achieving and celebrating the things we want in life. Us. I recently watched the movie “Brittany runs a marathon”. The character in the movie did not run the marathon when she EXPECTED she was going to and ALMOST gave up on her goalution.  As the title states Brittany DID run a marathon. In other areas of my life where I am working towards some passions that are near and dear to my heart, that I DO NOT have to do, yet feel compelled to keep working towards specific goals, when I am not doing work on these projects I know. I do not feel right with myself, I feel emotionally haunted by what I need to be doing. When I am taking actions towards these goals I feel lighter, accomplished, peaceful.

Capable human what do you want for yourself, your life? Take some time to reflect upon what goalutions you seek and how you plan on working towards them. It can be about anything you want. Set up a plan for the steps you will take to work towards what you CAN achieve for yourself. You are so worthy💜

I have two goalutions for 2020.

Goalution 1:  To branch out in regards to the fitness classes I take. To change up the type of classes I take and the locations where I go to take classes. I feel like some routines in my life have become a rut. One way to change my rut is to change my routine. This one seemed the most appealing to change. Learning new things and challenging myself appeals to me. Something good always comes out it.

Goalution 2: To publish the book I wrote and release it this summer of 2020. Yep summer of 2020. While writing this for y’all to see is scary, uncomfortable and I feel sick in my belly. I DO NOT want to be the person who said I wrote a book and did nothing with it. I have to do this for me and hopefully bring some words of healing, kindness, you can do amazing things I believe in you hope to someone else.

May your goalutions be with you💜

Photo by Crazy nana on Unsplash