Joy is a feeling of happiness, delight, pleasure. I was so certain I knew the definition of joy that I did not consult any resources. To me joy is a mixture of happiness and peace. It is powerful, soft, and good. There is nothing like feeling joy and you know it when you feel it.

My concern is that there is less joy in our world.People are less joyous. We have a joy drought.  Today we are going to look at how to get joy back as it is greatly needed and sorely missed. The power in more individuals having joy it that is creates ripples of kindness, calm, joy to others. One person can be the change for others.

Today is the day to reclaim our joy! Woohoo!

Joy is an individual thing. What brings one person joy does nothing for someone else. As I write this today my joy is my most delicious cup of coffee, fireplace going (it’s a tad chilly today), and my puppy fur baby sleeping(which for anyone who had had puppies that is not always the case) while I write. As I take a moment to take in all of this in I feel joy and it feels good. If I focus on the time and I should have written this blog yesterday, I want to get this out on time, I want this article to be well written and meaningful to those who read it and I have other things to get done this morning  my run on sentences of thinking vomit COMPLETELY suck any joy out of my morning. I feel stressed and crappy because of me!

Notice how the same moment in time can have opposite emotions depending upon how I look at things? We can be joy helpers or joy destroyers. Are there certain experiences and events that are completely joyless? YES. Are there certain experiences and events that have joy yet we use our thinking thoughts of negativity to taint our feelings of joy? YES.

Joy is a pure emotion and feeling. Feelings never ever lie to us. They are our internal intuition and guts of what is good, healthy, and right for us.

Joy is something you experience. Start paying attention to when you FEEL joy. When this happens let it sink in and enjoy it. Then do MORE of what is bringing you joy! The word enjoy means to possess and benefit from according to the online dictionary.  Joy can help you feel grounded, peaceful, more sure of yourself. Joy is a kick a** powerful thing that is crazy great for EVERYONE💜

So amazing champion humans go out and get your joy on! Even if there are brutal hardships going on in your life get joy. It helps more that you realize. Joy will strengthen you and joy will calm you. You are so deserving of joy and you matter so much to this glorious thing called life!

Jen Sincero author of “You are a Badass”, which is one of my favoritest books said this:

You are the only you that will ever be. You are kind of a big deal

May your joy be with you❤️