Various definitions of the word leeway include words such as allowable margin of freedom, tolerance, extra space, extra materials. It is the amount of freedom you have to complete a project. Leeway is the wiggle room you have to do whatever it is you are working on. With the emotional, financial, and physical demands for ourselves during COVID19 it seems like everyone needs leeway. We need leeway for ourselves. We need leeway for each other.

Today is a great day to get our leeway on🌟

“It’s ok if all you did today was breathe” Author Unknown

We have been, and are, in an ongoing, global crisis, healthcare, pandemic. The battle we are fighting is against an invisible enemy. For those who become sick, this enemy makes itself know.  Too many had their life ended because of the coronavirus. Perhaps you have had someone near and dear to your heart get sick. Perhaps you have had someone near and dear to your heart die. Some people have had numerous loved ones die. You might be an essential worker, which I call hero, going to work, and taking care of people who are staying at home. You are doing this knowing that as much as you are taking every precaution and safety measure you might contract the coronavirus. We are unable to hug, touch, or even be around some of our favoritist people in life, because it is not safe. Decisions like going to the grocery store, going for a walk, have to be thought out. It is uncertain when our lives will return to whatever normalcy they were before. The daily stress takes a toll on our mental health and physical health.

When the going is tough, leeway can help. So how do you give yourself  leeway? Begin with naming the feelings you are feeling. The other day I was talking with one of my client’s. After we talked about a variety of experiences that had happened she would say “that is interesting”. None of it was interesting. None. What she needed to tackle was ALL of her feelings. Once we got to the feelings it opened up her ability to better understand herself. This powerful information opened up her world and her soul. There were some pretty uncomfortable feelings she was feeling. When she gave herself the leeway to be human, to name and acknowledge her feelings and her right to feel how she felt, gave her permission to move into the steps she was going to take to feel better.

For other people approach life like you are a defensive driver and they are a learning driver. Think about it. When we are driving and another driver makes an error we feel frustrated. mad, irked.  If we recognize that driver is a new driver, our perspective shifts and our moods shifts. For many of us we are become compassionate and understanding. Our thought and feeling process is that they are learning to drive. Perhaps we recall when we were learning to drive and all the mistakes we made. Even for experienced drivers NONE of us drive perfectly every time. We don’t. Everyone is still learning. Giving other people leeway and expectation that they are still learning can help our mood and our emotions. Everyone is on the learning curve of life. Everyone.

Leeway is a gift to give yourself. Leeway is a gift you can give to others.

“Be kind, Be patient. Be generous. Be accepting. Be all of these things to yourself. That is where it begins” Seed Song

My most recent leeway for myself was in writing this. Yesterday when I wrote my first draft and today in my editing, I was feeling tapped out. My personal energy reserves are little low. Once I identified why my usual spark and flow of writing was not present, I choose to give myself leeway. That it is totally okey dokey artichokey if today’s post was not my typical standard of writing.

One thing I believe with all of my heart is that we are resilient, incredible, courageous, caring humans. We will conquer COVID19, and will be the better for it.

You matter. Who you are, how you are, and what you do what you do is needed in this world. You make a difference by being you. Give yourself  leeway. Share leeway with others.  Be kind and gentle as you survive and thrive in this pandemic.

May your leeway be with you💜

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash