We have a cat named Miakoda. This is a Native American name which means “power of the moon”. Miakoda has been part of our family going for almost 17 years. While she has a lot of years on her clock Mia acts and looks like a kitten. She is not quite 6 lbs, black silky soft fur, playful, sweet, loving and purrfectly happy. Her purr can be heard across a room and when she meow’s watch out! One of the things I admire most about Miakoda is her moxie.  Moxie is a force of character, determination, or nerve according to Google. It is self-possessed confidence. An attitude of fearlessness in everyday circumstances. The capapcity to stand alone in favor of an unpopular opinion (unknown source). Miakoda is moxie!

In addition to Mia there are two dog fur babies called Bella and Harry. Mia hates the dogs. HATES. I don’t like to use the word hate. Miakoda hates them. Bella and Harry see Mia as an object to chase and torment. Miakoda sees Bella and Harry as a thorn in her side of getting what she wants when she wants it. Does she let them get in her way of what she wants? NOPE. She gets around them. If they are at the bottom of the stairs and she wants to cuddle with the humans on the couch she meows A LOT until the humans walk up the stairs to get her and carry her to the couch. She will zig zag throughout the house to get to her desired location or food.  If Bella or Harry confront her she will hiss at them until they back down. This small cat will put two 50 lb dogs in their place when she wants something.

Her favorite non cat snack is insulation from the basement (she nibbles away at it) and spicy tortilla chips. She will stop at nothing to get her needs and her hearts desires met. She is resourceful, creative, assertive, and determined. Miakoda is the sweetest, most loving kitty who works to get what she wants and does not let ANYTHING stand in her way. She is fearless in her pursuit of her needs and wants.

As I look at Miakoda it makes me ponder the times I have backed down or given up on that were really important to me. Perhaps I hit a hurdle, or two, or three and gave up. Perhaps I was dealing with someone who has a personality that is difficult for me that I would avoid instead of fighting for what was important for me.  I talked myself out of my determination on something or let someone else’s opinion of my heart’s desire sway my decision making. I stopped me.

All the times I did that, and there are many, it never felt good. It felt diminishing and defeating. Not pursuing my heart’s desires did nothing to build my confidence or self-worth. It hurt it. By basing my needs, wants, desires on the opinions of someone else brought me down. It did not build me up.

When I began to tap into my moxie it was unsettling at first. I felt uncomfortable with this change. It was scary, unsettling, and freeing all rolled into one. Once I embraced my moxie it was watch out world here I come!

There are so many amazing examples of people who have not given up despite rejection, challenges, life. While they are well known in reality they are just like you and me. Humans pursuing a purpose and a dream.

In the movie “Erin Brockovich” based on a true life story Erin gets hired by her attorney Ed Masry after showing up to work at his law firm and telling him he was going to hire her. I call that moxie. You know who else had moxie? Albert Einstein did not speak until he was four years old. Jim Carrey was homeless and lived in a van. Richard Branson HAS dyslexia,

Stephen King’s first novel was REJECTED 30 times, Oprah Winfrey gave birth at 14 and lost her child, three African-American women at NASA Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson were the brains that launched John Glenn into orbit, JK Rowling struggled financially as a single mother who was depressed and Henry Ford was told his way of making cars would never work and it failed many times. MOXIE!

Did you ever notice in action adventure movies that the hero’s DO NOT give up? They keep determining ways to get the villain and save the world.

We all have moxie in us. Moxie is that will to overcome, to keep going even when the going gets tough, to keep working towards whatever is near and dear to our hearts, our purpose. It’s a feeling that in face of rejection we will rise up again and figure out a different way to get to where we want to go. Moxie is like that kitty cat who says no way to the dogs of destruction. You are not going to stop me from doing me.

You matter so very much! Your grit, resiliency, smarts, humor, caring and moxie are limited edition as you are the only one human who can do you! If you feel your moxie running low think about the almost 17 year old insulation, spicy tortilla chip eating cat. If she can do it so can you!

May the Miakoda moxie be with you💜