To help give my family a COVID19 mental health boost I ordered all of us the same paint by number. I choose Ruth Bader Ginsburg as we are all fans. We had a due date of May 31, which has now become June 27, where we would all finish and have a coronavirus zoom art show with our family and friends.

Today is June 28th. I began painting yesterday the 27th. Just like real life I am a skilled procrastinator of waiting until the last minute then pulling it out. While my painting is not done as I write this it will be completed today, that much I do know.

While I was matching my number marked colors to my number marked areas as I painted, I reflected that life can be like a paint by number.

My family and I have the same kit with the same person. Yet each one of us will have a different style and manner in which we paint. I am NOT good at staying in the lines. Sometimes when I am distracted I do not use the coordinated number and mix them up. How much paint we use, the level of focus and care we put into our painting will vary.  It this something of interest for us, does it mentally stimulate our brains varies from person to person. As much as we will follow the paint by number in similar ways we will each have difference paintings. My one daughter completed hers earlier this week partially because that is how she works and partially because she was seeing the due date as a competition.

When I was painting it was enjoyable and relaxing to lose myself in the focus of what I was doing. Painting became meditative mindful moments filled with peace, joy, and relaxation. Other moments of painting was stressful when I was over the line smudging my one color into another NOT according to the  lines drawn or using one paint number when another number was called for.

Yet once I changed my perspective, my attitude improved. The paint by number are guidelines that I can interpret and act on accordingly, which puts  less pressure on how I paint, increasing my enjoyment and making it all fun. Paint over the line into another area, giving it my individual twist. Switch up one color for another, taking a risk. Our mindset influence’s everything we do in life, including a paint by number of RBG.

“When you look at a field of dandelions you can either see a hundred weeds, or a thousand wishes.” Author Unknown

How do you approach your paint by number life? Is your mindset rigid, fixed or are you open to new experiences and learning as you go with an air of curiosity? Are you kind and compassionate towards yourself when you do make mistakes? Do you ever see where things go just to see how they go? An attitude of gratitude is a key ingredient. Your inner self dialogue and thinking thoughts are POWERFUL. If they are of a negative nature change them to a positive, strength based even if you don’t feel that way yet. Do you approach your life as a victim or a warrior in charge of the actions you are taking?

Most incredible, phenomenal human I do know this. You are the only you that ever was and ever will be. Have fun with your paint by number life. Be kind and gentle to yourself. Will you make mistakes? Yep. Is that okay? Yep. You can always decide “plot twist” and change your direction. Listen to your inner dialogue. What are you thinking about yourself. If it is negative CHANGE it to strong, positive, affirming. You can fake it until you believe it. You are so worthy of your own love, kindness, and compassion.

May your paint by number be with you💜

The image is my daughter’s completed painting – she did GREAT🌟