This morning as I am writing this all of my creatures are quiet and napping. There are gentle breezes outside and the birds are singing beautiful melodies. I am taking in all that is around me and sinking into this moment. For a moment my world is still and I am still with it. One of the many definitions of still is deep silence and calm ( To make or become still, quieten.

Let’s take this moment today and look more at still.

It’s important to point out that still is not the same as being mindful. Still is part of mindful. Still helps that important process of mindfulness to begin.

Too often we are like a body in motion stays in motion. A body in constant motion will wear itself out.Think about the last time you were still. Your body was not in motion, you were not distracted or absorbed in anything or anyone around you. You took your body, physically stopped and mentally sunk into the moment. You mind might be racing a million miles a minute. If you stop your body to be still, your mind will begin to get calmer and clearer.

There is TONS of research to back up that being still, deep breathing, mindfulness has wonderful health benefits.  Yep being still. It does not have to be for hours or minutes. It can be short and sweet. Stop, pause, breathe. It’s that simple. Being still can also be a wonderful way to help calm down after a stressful experiences.

Last Friday I tapped into my stillness after a stressful experience walking my dogs Bella and Harry. They are 50 plus pounds of pure muscle and strength.  Bella is a great dog to walk, she goes with the flow. Harry is leash reactive (something we are working on). He gets riled up when he sees other dogs.

Friday morning I was walking the two of them when coming at us was a loose dog. I was telling the dog to get back and the dog keep running towards us, eventually running into the mix of me, Bella and Harry. It was STRESSFUL! This dog was not being aggressive (I found out later the family lets their dog out with no leash). Regardless, Harry became reactive, Bella was excited with everything going on, and all of my petiteness was quickly trying to problem solve and get my dogs, this loose dog, and myself to a calmer, safer place. A neighbor came out of their door and I asked them (well probably more yelled) to call the loose dog over so I could get back home. We quickly headed home. Once we were in the house I let Bella and Harry out in the fenced yard. I was sweating, my heart was racing, and I was riled up.  To calm myself I took a moment to stand, be still, and breathe. I needed to be with myself and center. Being still helped me get back to being calm.

Being still is always available to use. It can help you regroup and settle daily, comes in great after stressful events, and is something you only need you to make it happen. The time required is totally up to the person. Stillness is very user friendly.

Deepak Chopra says “In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you”.

You DO matter. You are a valuable human who is deserving of so much wonderfulness, kindness, caring, and consideration. Take still time for you. Your brain, body, health will be all the better for it, which means you will be all the better for it.

Remember stop, pause, breathe⭐️

You’ve got this😊

May the still be with you❤️