You ever feel stuck? Unable to move, trapped in something, frozen, limited stuck?Being stuck can be well pretty sucky. It also can be completely freeing and energizing. Like pretty much everything in life being stuck can be a good thing or not so good thing depending upon what you do about it and your perspective.

Lately I have been feeling stuck. There are many parts of my life that I totally love the routine and flow. There are some parts of my life where I want to be doing different things in different ways. Career/professionally I have some projects I am working on that I am passionate about. If I wasn’t already working full time I would be working on these projects full time. My heart lies in these new projects. Yet for everyone whether you work full time, go to school, work in your home taking care of your family after a while your energy levels start to go down because of the energy you are putting into other people, places, things. There can be many other things you want to pursue. How do you do it when you have an energy drain and you are feeling stuck?

For me the answer has been 56 hours! Ok you are wondering how the heck does 56 hours help? Ready🤔 There are 168 hours in a week. Around 56 hours a week are for sleeping. Around 56 hours dedicated to work, school, family care. That leaves you 56 hours left in a week to do you. Even you are working full time and have a family means that within that 56 hours there some time to do you and pursue what makes your heart sing. Michele Liddle founder of The Perfect Granola was working full time and raising two kids. She found time she could pursue this dream of hers, worked at it and made it happen. If what makes your heart sing is fitness, reading, crafting, creating, helping others you have the time. To take action to not feel so stuck in your life. To pursue whatever it is for you.

Your stuck might be career, relationship, unhealthy habits, emotionally. Perhaps like me there are some things you want to be different. Or maybe it is a complete makeover. The one action you have to take is to do SOMETHING.

If you were driving your car and it became stuck in the snow you have choices. You could sit in the car waiting for the snow to melt, or get a ride home and leave the car in the snow. You could try rocking your car back and forth, throw down some kitty litter or sand for traction, have some people help push, call a tow truck. There are choices you can make for the actions you will take. When you get  unstuck and out of the snow it is such a freeing experience. It is woohoo freedom. Even if you get sand stuck you still have choices, actions you can take. You have the power to make different choices and take different actions. It does not matter how big the step, the action you take to get unstuck. What matters is that you do something.

It’s not who you are that holds you back. It’s who you think you’re not” Anonymous

My action was to look at my non work 56 hours a week and make some changes to how I use that time. To make sure the other projects I am passionately pursuing have some time every week. Sometimes it feels like I am taking baby steps to move forward. Forward is forward. My actions to change my schedule gave me more energy to pursue my projects. My full-time job is only a deterrent if I see it as one. My perspective and actions where freeing for me.

Worthy, wonderful human if you are feeling stuck somewhere in your life do something. You are so deserving of living a life filled with  what makes your heart sing, sets your soul on fire. Taking time for self care for you benefits not only you. It benefits everyone around you because the more you are filled up with positive energy the more your positive self will bring to others in your life.

May your unstuck be with you💜

Photo on Unsplash by Aubrey Rose Odom