When you look up the definition of uncoordinated which is a person and their clumsy movements in any dictionary could write my name. It would be the perfect definition. Yep clumsy, yep two left feet (on the dance floor my movements, lets say, are not quite dancey) even though I fancy myself as rocking it on the dance floor. Balance, agility, strength, speed are not qualities I was born with. They are not a part of my DNA.

The one place where my clumsy movements are really visible in contrast to everyone else are the fitness classes I attend. I truly enjoy fitness classes. They keep me honest in working out. It feels good to be around others getting their fitness on. Classes push me to work out harder than I would on my own. My selection of classes are fairly intense and rigorous. After a class is over I feel capable and competent. As James Brown said “I feel good”.

The classes involve using weights. Some utilize the stepper/riser where you can bump up the steps to difference heights.  A class might involve the riser with weights and without weights. Sometimes we are stepping up and over the riser in a coordinated move. There are individuals I am in awe of because of how seemingly effortlessly they can do all the moves with a decent amount of weights on a fairly high riser.  As for me that is an entirely different matter. I had tried the higher riser, heavier weights. Not a good fit. Moving, stepping up, down and over while carrying weights is NOT my jam. The amount of focus and concentration I was using to keep up with the moves and grooves felt stressful doing something that is supposed to be reducing my stress.  Being the uncoordinated person I am it was too much for me.

The solution to this was two fold. I super enjoy what these classes are and how they work. Keeping the classes with the instructors at the times that work for me was going to stay. What I did change was how high my riser is and the level of weights I am using. Lightening my load and lowering my height allowed me to put forth much more effort into something that I truly enjoy.

My reality is that could I have pushed myself to gain the skills to workout on higher risers and heavier weights. My belief in life is that if there is something you truly want to accomplish with work, dedication, persistence you will get there. For me I was looking for a really good workout. What I was doing at my level riser and 2.5 lbs (sometimes 5) weights fit me perfectly.  My choice was to not pursue a more intense level of fitness because I did not want to. Do the individuals in class who might have been born with the ease of coordination and athletic ability still have to work to do what they do in class? Absolutely.  They get to make their choice about what works for them. I get to make my choice about what works for me.

Sometimes in life there can be the pressure to keep up with others in many areas of our life. Instead of being true to who we are and how we work it feels necessary to do or be like someone else. That being said taking actions outside of our comfort zones and increasing the level of what we do is valuable for our own personal growth. Learning new skills or improving on ones you possess increases confidence. There is nothing like the feeling of “I did that”. This involves doing something for you in a way that is true for you.

Every one has a plethora of talents and skills at different levels. All of us has to work to develop and improve our skills while being true to our own special, unique self.  It is important to do what brings you joy as often as you can. When you feel filled up with good stuff inside of your soul life becomes easier.

I will continue to participate in my uncoordinated way with my fitness classes where I choose to workout in a way that feels right for me. One size has never fit all. My hope is for you to take actions and do things that are true to you in a way that fits you. You matter and deserve all the wonderfulness you can get!

May your incoordination be with you💜 For those coordinated folk may your coordination be with you💜

Photo by Anupam Matapatra on Upsplash