Recently I watched the movie Zootopia. This animated movie is about Judy Hopps, a new police officer, who moves to the city of Zootopia where a variety of mammals live and thrive together to do her police officer work. While I am a lover of animated movies, the reason I watched this movie was because a friend of mine that I get the privilege to work with calls me Judy Hopps as I remind her of the character. With extra time on my hands it seemed like the time had come to watch Zootopia.

I loved the movie! This movie was chocked full of real life analogies and lessons. Judy Hopps was told as a bunny she could never become a police officer, all sorts of things went wrong, mammals were judged according to what type of mammal they were, and at one point fear was purposely used to create an environment of mistrust.

Seems a like like real life, doesn’t it?

The theme song of the movie is sung by Shakira and written by Australian singer-songwriter Sia, along with Mikkel Storleer Eriksenand and Tor Erik Hermansen. It is called “Try Everything”

Some of the lyrics are::

“I messed up tonight
I lost another fight
I still mess up but I’ll just start again
I keep falling down
I keep on hitting the ground
I always get up now to see what’s next
Birds don’t just fly
They fall down and get up
Nobody learns without getting it won”

I speak for myself (and my guess is many of you reading this) that you make new mistakes, you mess up, you lose another fight and then you start over and fresh. It seems like many days I hit my mistake potential by 10:00am because I can be a really good mistake maker.  Sometimes, for some people, that quest in life to achieve and accomplish goals gets strongly influenced by the idea that in order to accomplish success and achieve goals you need to be perfect. Others may give up their personal integrity, honor, and respect to try and get ahead, fit in, or for financial gain.

No one is perfect. No one. We are imperfectly perfect human beings. We are unique, we are similar, we have common values, and some that are the polar opposite of each other.

While who we are and what we are might differ, there are core traits that everyone deserves to have. Honor, respect, purpose, dignity, compassion, integrity, humility, grace, compassion, joy, and love belong to all of us.

A beautiful smile might look different on everyone, yet a smile is always a smile..

“I’m human, I make mistakes. I fall. I cry. sometimes I talk without thinking first. Sometimes, I judge others. Sometimes, I do things I regret. I’m human. I laugh. I love. I learn. I’m so very grateful”  Unknow source.

While writing this I took some time for self reflection. I paused to ponder where I am at with who I am. Parts of the movie, especially the song “Try Everything” that resonated with me are that I have a quiet, fierce sense of determination. I keep going and bounce well. Yes I get things wrong. Yes I learn from my mistakes, as they help me grow. Yes I become a better version of myself.  I used to fight learning from situations and experiences that were uncomfortable and emotionally challenging. It made for some rough times for me. Now that I have grown emotionally, even though I never enjoy challenging experiences, I know the potential for some really good learning can come from it when I become vulnerable and open myself up. Because my confidence has improved, my perspective has shifted, and I am less defensive a whole new world has opened up for me.

Sometimes life will kick you in the teeth brutally hard. It can feel like no matter what you are doing, you are doing everything wrong, and nothing is going your way. It can feel like nothing is positive or right for you, and there is a lot of darkness. There is always light. Always. Sometimes it is a glimmer, a twinkle, like a star in the sky coming in and out as the clouds pass over it. It’s ok to make mistakes. We are supposed to. Use mistakes as a stepping stone to see how you can learn and grown. I have learned to embrace my mistakes. When I do start again I am kicking some a** as I move forward.

Remarkable resilient, buoyant, hardy, rebounding, irrepressible, persevering, going for broke, leaving no stone unturned champion humans you can do it. Keep pursuing your dreams, desires, goals in life. While they may evolve as you go, that’s ok. Use each opportunity that comes your way to be the best you can be for yourself. Remember you are always doing the best that you can ,with what you have, with who you are.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe

I believe in you. I hope you believe in yourself.

May your Zootopia be with you💜

Photo by Daniela Holzer on Unsplash