Mahalo Awesome People,

Yesterday when I was meeting with one of my clients she was feeling completely overwhelmed and not in control of her life. I have been there at times and it is most uncomfortable crappy feeling.

To help her move through the feeling I totally grounded myself in how this felt for her and listened to her talk and validated and reflected her feelings. Yes I am a trained professional yet often for all of us we begin to offer solutions (which gives an overwhelmed feeling out of control person more to do) because we are feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes our help can hurt more. One of the most challenging things for me as a therapist and in my personal life is for me to step back and LISTEN.  While I do have GREAT ideas and GREAT solutions so do others especially the person who is doing the talking⭐️

I have also learned in my growth as a person that we all have the answers and solutions inside of us. Our superpower is the unique awesomeness we bring to the world. When we slow down, get quiet, vent, cry, be upset and then think through things after the dust settles our truth and answers will be right there. Do we always “listen” to our inner voices and truths…nope. Do those the inner voices(our intuition/gut) continue to speak to us..yep!

When we lean into our own discomfort (and it does not feel good) or the discomfort of others there is great power in trusting what will happen. Our brilliant helpful solutions will be there yet just might not be needed and that is totally OK😊 There is great freedom in realizing we only have to be true to us and supportive and kind to others⭐️

As my client worked through her feelings she did get to a better place emotionally which helped to unstuck her in many, many other ways. She is her superpower and that is a really good thing! By me changing how I approach my clients and other people in my life (even though at times it is crazy uncomfortable) it is better for me and better for them👍

So on the gorgeous day I am sharing with you another one of my favorite talks by Les Brown⭐️ Peace out and have an amazing day❤️